FanPost Challenge: Favorite and Least Favorites...

It has been a while since I have posted anything here on TGP, but this is a great topic to cover, and so I wished to present my highs and lows.

It is very easy to talk about 2008, but none of the games that are my favorite come from that year, which probably makes me a weirdo, but I was an adult by then, and the Phillies were in some fashion expected to at least be a contender.

The Highs

The first is sort of a combination from 1993 - Mother's Day (May 9) and Father's Day (June 20). I was there, and both games were won in a similar fashion - home runs by Mariano Duncan (Mother's Day, salami off Lee Smith, Bot 8, down 3) and John Kruk (Father's Day, 3-run shot, down 2, off Trevor Hoffman***). 1993 had an indelible effect on me; I was a middle-school kid who grew up only knowing the mediocre and terrible Phillies. 1993 was truly an oasis, through and through. Yes, there were moments, but it had a major effect on this young boy's life at the time.

The second was Game Six of the 1993 NLCS. Beating Greg Maddux was amazing, and being the loser Phillies fan-boy that I am, I still have the original BASF video cassette tape with the CBS broadcast (Sean McDonough still didn't have hair 20 years ago). The mighty 104-win, 2-time NL champ Braves were no more, at least for one year, and it is still very cool to watch the post-game interviews and Danny Jackson's gorilla routine. I got in trouble the next day at school for wearing Phillies stuff over my uniform (yay Catholic school!), but I didn't care. They were the best, at least at that time. Did I mention that 1993 had an effect on me?

The third was September 30, 2007 - the day the Phillies clinched the NL East against the Nationals. I am not ashamed to admit that when Wily Mo Pena's knees buckled and Brett Myers threw his glove up in the air, I bawled like a little baby. The whole game was chilling - given that I had watched the Marlins beat up Tom Glavine at Shea Stadium, and then to hear the "MVP" chants to Jimmy Rollins when he hit his 20th triple. I have a very soft spot for the 2007 team - they brought us out of the doldrums that was nearly 25 years of crappiness, mediocrity, and near-misses (save for 1993).

The Lows

August 3, 1990 - Doug Drabek threw a one-hitter for the Pirates on the night of the 10th reunion of the 1980 Championship team. He had a no-hitter going through 8 and 2/3, and I think my dad was the only one in the Vet rooting to break up the no-no, which was done by Sil Campusano. The final was 11-0, and the young me asked my dad if this was what life as a Phillie fan was going to be forever...and he said it was a distinct possibility.

Game 6, 1993 World Series - I have nothing to say about this other than I KNOW in my heart that had they won Game 6, they would have won Game 7. And it made the young middle-school me cry. DAMN YOU JOE CARTER!!!

September 7, 2005 - The Billy Wagner/Craig Biggio game. Yes, the Phillies stayed competitive for the remainder of the season, but would it have hurt to win a game there? To retroactively add insult to injury, Chad Qualls was the winning pitcher in this game, which Brad Lidge saved. I will now try to locate an ice pick...

Lastly, I was not alive in 1977 for Black Friday, but my dad did not and will not talk about it. Everything I learned about it had to be done on my own. It is horrendous even in hindsight.

***Who was traded 4 days later to SD and gave up Mitchy Poo's single at 4:41 AM at the end of the 2nd game of the DH that started on July 2.

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