Phillies Links for You, 7/24/13: It's All Falling Indelibly Into the Past

It's there when you speak his name. It's just not the same. Oooh, darlin', we're losing you. - USA TODAY Sports

Today's Phillies Links, 7/24/13: On Utley, Sabremetrics, and a Season of Hum Drumming.

Philadelphia Phillies should face reality and enter rebuilding phase before long - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

Ken Rosenthal checks in from New York with some vaguely familiar thoughts:

Remember: July 31 is only one checkpoint. Most of the Phillies’ expensive veterans will clear waivers, making August trades a possibility. The offseason will present further opportunity — and frankly, greater opportunity, given that teams will be more flexible with their rosters.

Utley, Papelbon should be on trade block -
They'll find true love and tenderness on the block.

McCaffery: It's not an easy choice to trade Chase Utley, but the right one -
When Jack McCaffery writes, it's time to put your eyes in the upright and ready-to-roll position.

Phillies one of several teams interested in Brian Wilson | HardballTalk
Not all of your bloglordships agree with me, but I'm totally game for this sideshow if only because it would lead to more Pat Burrell sightings.

Dustin Pedroia Extension: The Laser Show Continues - Beyond the Box Score

The metaphor-maker in me keeps wondering if there are parallels we need to consider in the Pedroia extension that help inform the argument over Utley.

Sabermetrics and Diminishing Returns - Beyond the Box Score
Is catcher framing really the only final frontier? Join us in Philadelphia next week to discuss. Who's coming?

The Split Personalities of the Cardinals | FanGraphs Baseball
Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the Cardinals' amazing skein of clutchy slugging.


Martin finds groove at the right time | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
This is helping me breathe a little easier.


Mets vs. Braves Recap: Torres throws six good innings, Mets score four runs and win - Amazin' Avenue
There was this, anyways.

Nationals hope only 2013 isn't their year - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
The 2013 Nationals remind me quite a bit of the 1979 Phillies.

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