No one left - Diamonbacks 12 - Phillies 7

Rich Schultz

There is no end to the ways the Phillies can lose a game when I have a recap.

Okay, things got a little weird last night. I started off following the game over the first 4 innings, then I left to watch the end of the local Minor League game (Which also went extra innings before ending badly, by the way). I returned in the 9th Inning to find the bases loaded, the game tied and John Mayberry at the plate. Of course Mayberry struck out and the death march was on.

A few stats about this game: there were a total of 28 walks (18 by the Phillies), 20 Pitchers (including 2 position players for the Phillies), 35 hits (of which the Phillies managed to get 22 and still lose) and 32 K's. The entire Phillies staff, plus 2 guys who don't usually pitch combined for a line of 18.0 IP, 22 H, 12 ER, 18 BB, 12 K. Of the 11 pitchers the Phillies sent out there only 3 managed to get more K's than walks (Diekman, Papelbon and John McDonald), 4 of the Pitchers managed more walks than K's (Martin, Miner, Cloyd and Casper Wells).

Ethan Martin was particularly awful last night lasting only two-thirds of an inning. Those two-thirds went well, it was what came after the first 2 outs that was bad. Walk, homer, walk, single, single, walk, pitching change. No one knew it then, but this was a really bad game to have your starter go out in the First Inning.

The Phillies were down 6 - 0 by the bottom of the 5th inning and were on their 3rd pitcher. Before that point I assumed it was a loss and I'd be better off going and watching fireworks and coming back to recap later. Ruiz got the Phils on the board with a solo homer to lead off the 5th, but it was really the 6th where the comeback started. Bernardina led off with a homer, then Rollins doubled, got to Third on a groundout by Utley and scored on a wild pitch. In the bottom of the 8th Bernardina walked and Rollins singled. Utley then hit a sac fly. Mayberry struck out after a pitching change, but a Ruiz single and Ruf homer tied the game up at 7 all. The 7th looked promising as Colmenter's control was out of whack and he walked the bases loaded, with a wild pitch thrown in for good measure. The aforementioned Mayberry K ended that threat (for the record, Mayberry swung at a Strike 3 that was about eyeball high).

The Phillies fell short on multiple scoring opportunities and left a lot of winning runs wilting in scoring position. Cloyd managed to cause many panic attacks by walking the bases loaded himself before getting out of it. Tyler Cloyd, of course, was supposed to start today, and every relief arm was burned, with several logging more than an inning. Doc will pitch today and a taxed bullpen will probably get more taxed as I think it's unlikely Doc goes very long in his start. Today might be a very interesting game.

So, on to the 18th. The Phillies were out of Pitchers by now and needed to go to position players. Sadly, former High School Pitcher Dom Brown left early after hurting his heel while swinging. That forced Sandberg to go to Casper Wells. Wells started well on the mound. He threw in the low 90's, got the first 2 outs, then, like Ethan Martin, the wheels fell off, the car exploded and burst into flames. Campana walked, Eaton doubles and Campana scores. Goldschmidt walked intentionally, Prado singles, Gregorius walks, bases loaded, Parra singles, end of Wells time as a pitcher. McDonald comes in from Left to pitch and Cahill promptly hits the ball to whence McDonald just came. Phillies down by 5, game over.

This was the longest game in Phillies history and only 17 minutes off the longest game in NL history.  The only Phillies not to appear? Kendrick, Lee and Hamels. Fangraph of infinity:

Source: FanGraphs

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