2014 Phillies Draft Previews

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Tyler Kolek, RHP

Tyler Kolek is a very large teen with a very big Fastball. He also has some good pitchability. He's one of a half dozen guys who could conceivably go Top 3, but with a draft this deep, he could still be available at 7.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Braxton Davidson, 1B

Davidson has the best in game power in the 2014 Draft. He could be a true middle of the order impact bat.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Jake Gatewood, SS/3B

Do you love insane power? Guys knocking the cover off the ball? How do you feel about Strikeouts?

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Nick Gordon, SS

I was on the fence about previewing Gordon, since our sister blog, Minor League Ball, had the Phillies taking him in the mock, I thought that might make readers more curious to know about him. Would the Phillies really go two High School SS in a row?

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Tyler Beede, RHP

Beede was selected in the 2011 First Round, but opted to go to Vanderbilt in hopes of improving his draft status. Beede's now routinely talked about as a top 10 pick this year. Is that deserved?

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview: Carlos Rodon, LHP

The Phillies stand a 0.000000000001% chance at getting Rodon in June, but first and foremost I'm a fan and there aren't many things as fun as watching Rodon when he's on.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Alex Jackson, C/OF

Jackson could go anywhere from 3rd overall to 7th, depending upon how teams value position and College vs. High School players. If he goes 7th, be very excited, this kid could be special.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Jeff Hoffman, RHP

Something would have to go pretty wrong for Hoffman in 2014 for him to be available at #7, but the season's still a few weeks from starting, so everyone is potentially in the draftable pool at 7 right now.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Aaron Nola, RHP

If the Phillies are serious about developing Pitchers who don't give up, like 20 walks a game, they should be in (or near, at least) NOLA, scouting Nola.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Trea Turner, SS

There's a good chance Turner will be available when the Phillies pick. It would be the second Shortstop in 2 years for the Phillies at the top of the draft, but Turner is a much different player than J.P.

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