2014 Projections from Clay Davenport

Clay Davenport (who I hadn't heard of, to be honest, but is the co-founder of Baseball Prospectus), released his 2014 projections last week. He has the Phils at a pitiful 70-92 record. A couple of things jump out about his projections: Position players' WARP totals 16, which is reasonable, except that it includes Cesar Hernandez at minus 3.1. I have to think there must be an error somewhere. Pitchers WARP totals 18, for a total of 34 for all players, but 34+48 (replacement) would be 82 wins, not 72, so he must be assuming a different replacement level than what Fangraphs and Baseball Reference use.

Chipper Jones Sets Woods Ablaze By Sheer Force of Ignorance

Chipper Jones, dumbest of fucks, sets the woods near his house on fire because he doesn't know how to get rid of ashes safely. No, I am not making this up. I have heated with wood for, oh, about 30 years of my life, spending most of those years in the midst of roughly 25,000 acres of forest. I have never once set the woods on fire because...I don't throw wood ashes into the woods. What he did is indescribably stupid and dangerous. Thankfully, the blaze was quickly contained by the local fire department. By all rights, they should have tied him naked to their trucks and turned the hoses on him to teach him a lesson. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu reportedly heading back to Philly. Thoughts?

Manuel returning to Phils as adviser to Amaro

I guess he might do some scouting or something.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez pitching this summer

Thanks to the resourceful phil-er-up, who has the internets and things, this is a video of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez pitching in June of 2013. We're all hard up for baseball we haven't seen, and it is a nice 3 inning look at a pitcher who is largely unknown to all of us.

Trading Domonic Brown

I don't usually try to pimp my work here but since there is TGP blogger involvement I thought I would. Essentially the project is to have different bloggers take on the mindset of other team's GMs and try and trade for Domonic Brown.

Roy Halladay to retire as a Blue Jay

The long-time ace will announce his retirement in a Blue Jays press conference Monday, in which he'll also announce he's signing a one-day contract with Toronto, so he can retire as a Blue Jay.

Braves Stadium New Layout


Not mine, but too hilarious to not share. Via Reddit

Most Expensive Ticket in MLB History?

Ticket brokers and analysts have parsed the data, Yahoo Sports reports, and are convinced Game 6 tickets will be the most expensive ticket ever for a baseball game, ranging from $900 for standing-room-only stubs to a $10,000-plus for seats close to the field. On Tuesday afternoon, according to SeatGeek, the average price for a ticket was $1,024, the highest since the company began tracking ticket-pricing data in 2009.

Read full Slate Article here
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