Why Kids Love Baseball

Nice article on Slate on why baseball is so awesome.

Joyner to return to Phillies coaching staff in '14

Huh. So apparently Joyner is coming back now. Samuel is back too. Also, Phils outright J.C. Ramirez, Cesar Jimenez, Roger Bernadina, and Casper Wells off the 40-man. Nothing too shocking, none of those guys are actually good, but certainly noteworthy.

Jamie Moyer

An interview on WHYY with Moyer discussing pitching and his new book.

Phillies Break 3,000,000 in Attendance for 2013

I was not sure that this would happen in 2013, but the Phillies snuck over the 3,000,000 number for the year. Whether this is "paid" or "fannies in seats" I dunno, but it is a lot of people. Better start turning the ship around to do it again next year. Last year, the Phillies led MLB in attendance by drawing over 3,500,000, so it is a big decline.

2014 Schedule Released

I figured there would be an article later on this, so just did a quick fanshot.

Young Wilt Chamberlain

For those who enjoy old-time film and stories about Philadelphia legends, this is a sweet, short piece from the ESPN 30-30 series.

Can the Phillies really turn it around? A defense of the run differential argument

Joecatz's article about run differential as a midseason predictor of second half performance got me thinking the other day, so I did a bunch of research on the last ten seasons and made some graphs. It looks like the Phillies do still have a shot this year, but it's a long one.

In Loving Memory of Ryan Howard

"Howard was brought up and signed as an impact bat, the kind of franchise tentpole that produces runs and wins and championships, and he exists largely in our memory as that. But that’s not what he is anymore. Today, Howard is a platoon DH, still potent against righties but awful against lefties, and entirely bereft of value as a base runner or defender. He’s a player who’s done such great things and deserves to go out with more dignity than he’s going to get."

Phillies ranked second best sports experience in Philadelphia

Only the Eagles rank ahead of the Phillies according to the stadium rankings by Stadium Journey. Check out the complete listing of Philly sports experiences and let us know what you think!

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