BEHOLD! Apostate #RedPhanatic in all his awful, evil glory


When your immortal soul is spared, you may thank @bradnarok for assembling this Field Guide to Enmascotted Evil.

Chipper Jones Sets Woods Ablaze By Sheer Force of Ignorance


Chipper Jones, dumbest of fucks, sets the woods near his house on fire because he doesn't know how to get rid of ashes safely. No, I am not making this up. I have heated with wood for, oh, about 30 years of my life, spending most of those years in the midst of roughly 25,000 acres of forest. I have never once set the woods on fire because...I don't throw wood ashes into the woods. What he did is indescribably stupid and dangerous. Thankfully, the blaze was quickly contained by the local fire department. By all rights, they should have tied him naked to their trucks and turned the hoses on him to teach him a lesson. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez pitching this summer


Thanks to the resourceful phil-er-up, who has the internets and things, this is a video of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez pitching in June of 2013. We're all hard up for baseball we haven't seen, and it is a nice 3 inning look at a pitcher who is largely unknown to all of us.

A Brief, but Good, Academic Lecture on Race and Baseball


With the theatrical release of 42 coming up tomorrow and the official Jackie Robinson festivities just around the corner, I thought I'd share this short academic lecture on the relationship between race and baseball, during and since Robinson's breaking of the color barrier. It perhaps isn't new information, but I greatly enjoyed how clearly and succinctly it summarizes the relevant history.



Bob Costas Quotes Rapper Ludacris (speaks for itself)

Miggy, Adam Jones, Steve Garvey, Jim Palmer, Luis Gonzalez, and Buck Martinez sing us into the 2013 baseball season


No description will do this justice. Just watch.

Domonic Brown Murders a Baseball


Dom Brown crushes one against the Yankees in Spring Training.

Pope John Paul II taking some hacks in the cage


I came across this 1987 video and figured what better way to kick off spring training than by watching noted lefty slugger The Pontiff swing away? Also, the video is pretty awesome. ht: @GarrettQuinn

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