Fantasy Baseball League

TheGoodPhight Fantasy Checkin - CBS League

One month in, a review of one of TheGoodPhight's three fantasy leagues; in this case, the CBS league.

TGP Phantasy Draft Results: CBS League!

In a stunning move team Phrozen plucked Raul Ibanez away from last years Champions. Will Team Catz survive without it's good luck charm? Also, DRAFT RESULTS!

TGP Keeper League - Day One

A summation of the first round of The Good Phight's keeper league player auction, and the hilarity that goes with it.

Fantasy Update: Strategies and Tactics

A brief update on all of the fantasy goings-on here at The Good Phight, along with a number of questions about your drafting process and tricks of the trade.

OMG Season Over! - April Fantasy Roundup and Moar Trashtalk

The Good Phight's Fantasy seasons are a little over a month old, and we thought it would be a good time to summarize progress so far Joecatz matt kemp, and refresh the trash talkery. First, the...

TGP Fantasy Baseball Trash Talk and Discussion Thread: Live Fire, Part 1

Ah, a new season, two new leagues, and, come this weekend, full slates of games. We've wheeled and dealt our way through Spring Training on another thread (thanks, Trader JoeCatz). It strikes me...

Your 2012 The Good Phight Fantasy Baseball League(s) Participants

The white smoke is up, and I, your Venetian-blind enshrouded, shadowy TGP Fantasy Baseball Commissioner, have poked through the expressions of interest and the small unmarked bills and have arrived...

TGP Fantasy Baseball League 2012: Organizational Meeting

TGP Fantasy Ballers! whut whut!

My Internet-Fueled, Futuristic Fantasy Life with the 2012 Phillies

Quick! I need a fantasy draft strategy so I can have Phillies on my team. But I don't know where to clickit!


Exit Interview: The 2011 TGP Fantasy Baseba'al League's HR Director Will See You Now

In the midst of the Fan Orgasmatron that was Wild Card Wednesday last night, The Good Phight Fantasy Baseba'al League wrapped up its 2011 season. With league expansion that went to an 18-team...

The Good Phight Fantasy League Standings Through 4/10

The first full week of the league is over. Here are the standings after the period of 3/31 through 4/10. Rank Team Batting Pitching Total Dif Behind 1 Walcott 67.0 62.0 129.0 0.0 0.0 2 P...

The Good Phight Fantasy League Draft Results

Here are the results. An asterisk denotes an "autopick."  Statistical categories are  Offense: OBP, SLG, HR, RBI, SB-CS Pitching: FIP, K, BB, QS, Sv+Hld-BS Draft Results Round 1 Pick Team Player E...

Fantasy League Update: Finalizing Draft, Stats, Rules

Hi all. A few updates. A. Draft is set for Sunday, March 13, 4:00 PM. Be there, or have your autodraft rankings set. B. As RTP mentioned in the league messages, the random draft order has been...

Your 2011 The Good Phight Fantasy Baseball Participants

After careful deliberation, I have selected the participants for this year's TGP Fantasy Baseball League. The response to this year's call for applications was overwhelming and I quite enjoyed...

The Good Phight Fantasy Baseball 2011

Pitchers and catchers reported last weekend. Spring Training games begin next weekend. But for the truly obsessed, baseball isn't really here until fake teams have been drafted and the smack talk...

Fantasy Baseball player rankings

Since my team is in 5th place, I haven't been been throwing updates out there like I should (though Whole Camels really sucks).  I am going to make note of how my points  rankings compares to how...

Fantasy Baseball, week 1 results

Here are the current standings: 1.   The Padilla Flotilla 339.90 2.   Productive Outs 282.30 3.   The Foul Zone 272.00 4.   team jonk 259.20 5.   O...

TGP Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

The Good Phight Fantasy League has been drafted and thanks to Japan, the season has already started.  Since this is the first post in this section, I'll post each round and if people want to make...

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