Game Recaps

Match dot bomb: Giants 7, Phillies 4


I'm not even a little sorry about the recap title.

The Rains of Walksamore: Braves 8, Phillies 2


The Phillies outhit the Braves, but thanks to seven walks and two hit batsmen, the Braves walked all over them.

Stone Cole-d: Phillies 2 Braves 1


Give us all of your prospects for Cole Hamels. All of them.

They're back, flailing: Braves 6 Phillies 4


Hey, the Phils lost. But it was just damn good to see some baseball being played after two nights of staring at walls.

Rapid Reaction: Nationals 5, Phillies 3


The Phillies dropped a tough one to the Nationals, ending their latest win streak at five.

Cans of Cornrows: Phillies 6, Nationals 2


Jimmy Rollins continues to hit lazy fly balls, but in 2014 they're being easily caught by fans.

They're doing it again: Phillies 4, Brewers 1


Make up your mind, Phillies. I'm begging you. Be good or be bad. My heart can't take this.

I'll Call it a Comeback: Phillies 9, Brewers 7


I'll call it a comeback because that's what it is.

Hey Look A Win: Phillies 3, Brewers 2


Look over there, I think that might be the illusive green tailed Phillies Win. Quick! Capture it before it realizes what it is!

Go Home Phillies: Pirates 6, Phillies 2


The chant of "GO HOME PHILLIES" at PNC Park today was strangely appropriate.


Not Even Close: Pirates 3, Phillies 2


The score makes this one look close, but it never really was.

Speeyack: Pirates 8, Phillies 2


I hope you watched something else. I wish I had.

Scratchin' and Clawin': Phillies 5, Marlins 4


In a see-saw affair, the Phils scored two in the ninth to end their six-game losing streak.

Quicksand Tire Fire Volcano: Marlins 5, Phillies 0


The Phillies: Keeping their fans' favorite liquor stores in business since 1883.

Extra Pain: Marlins 5, Phillies 4 (11)


In their never-ending quest to prevent me from getting more than four hours' sleep on nights I'm doing the recap, the Phils didn't even make it worth my while last night.

Swept Away: Braves 3, Phillies 2


The Phillies made a bunch of sad, sad history today.

Baseball was played: Braves 5, Phillies 1


A game happened tonight in which there was baseball.

Tom McCarthy, People's Hero: Braves 4, Phillies 2


The most notable moment of this game didn't involve the Phillies at all.

Phillies 5, Marlins 3 Channel Your Inner Bad Asche


The Phillies played several games tonight. Or one really long one. I'm glad their bullpen has been good lately, since they needed to use all of it tonight.

Phillies 2, Marlins 3: Good God, What Was That?


Domonic Brown, boy, that was some outfield defense tonight, huh?

Gone Fishing: Phillies 7, Marlins 4


The Phillies won, but I don't think it was on purpose.

His Name Is Bert: Marlins 4, Phillies 0


Bert Hernandez. It has a nice ring to it. Oh and also the Phillies lost.

Farewell, Winning Streak: Cardinals 4, Phillies 1


So long, farewell, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen.

What is happening: Phillies 5, Cardinals 1


The Phillies won last night. No, seriously. Seriously! Guys, I'm not making it up, they really won!

Rapid Reaction: Phillies 5, Cardinals 1


The Phillies won. Please celebrate accordingly.

Harang Ten: Phillies 10 - Braves 5


Aaron Harang had the bad luck of wrapping up the series against the Phillies and with a short bullpen, he was around to take an awful lot of punishment.

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