Is Ryan Howard Figuring It Out?

Howard's 8th inning walk on Thursday was the most important at-bat of the game, but his improved plate discipline has been going on all season. Is he starting to figure things out?

Phillies African-American Representation Is Strong

As Major League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson Day Tuesday, there was concern about the declining number of African Americans in Major League Baseball. But you wouldn't know it by watching the Phillies.

Phillies Starters Not Doing Bullpen Any Favors

Yes, the Phillies bullpen has been a raging tire fire. But they're also being asked to do a lot more than they should be.

Ryan Howard Says Phillies Have Played Well

The hulking first baseman and his team have gotten off to a rough start, but don't tell him that.

Phillies Defense Is Costing Them Games

The Phillies wanted an improved defense in 2014. They're not getting it so far.

Ryan Braun's Homer Seige Not Powered By Spite

No, your boos did not fuel Ryan Braun.

Citizens Bank Park; 10 Years Of Phillies Memories

Since the destruction of Veterans Stadium 10 years ago, Citizens Bank Park has been home for the Phightens. And what a home it's been.

Phillies Friday Fun Day Links

Pat the Bat can still hack it, Cody Asche loves romance, the worst song you've ever heard, and we're so sorry, Daniel Murphy.

Papelbon, Phillies Bullpen, An Unfixable Mess?

Only three games into the 2014, Phillies fans are already ducking for cover when Ryne Sandberg makes the call to the 'pen.

Phillies Bullpen Mismanagement Same As It Ever Was

It appears the Phils' propensity to mismanage their bullpen is something that will be with us no matter who the manager is.


2014 Phillies Preview: Won't Get Fooled Again

A lackluster spring is finally over, with real baseball games beginning Monday afternoon in Texas. Can the Phillies make one last playoff run, or is a crawlspace in the basement their ultimate destination?

Miguel Cabrera Deal Makes Ryan Howard's Look Sane

The Detroit Tigers have locked up the best pure hitter in baseball until the Apocalypse. The contract is so bad, it makes the Ryan Howard extension look downright restrained. Was Ruben Amaro ahead of the curve?

Ruben Amaro Concedes Disaster Plan May Be Needed

The Phillies will have the third highest payroll in MLB on Opening Day, but that doesn't mean the wins will follow.

More Scouts Say Bad Things About the Phillies

Remember those three scouts who basically called the Phils a dumpster fire last week? Yeah, there's more.

Oblique Injury Ruf News For Darin

Darin Ruf will not be on the Opening Day roster after a rib cage ouchie, making decisions much, much easier for Ruben Amaro and Ryne Sandberg.

Phillies Week 3 Spring Training Round-up

The Jimmy Rollins-Ryne Sandberg drama dominated the headlines last week, but lost amidst that soap opera was the offense showing a pulse... albeit a faint one.

Phillies Must Change Philosophies to Right Ship

Nothing says that every MLB franchise has to win in a unique manner. Utilizing the success stories and models of other teams can prove equally as productive, but the main changes must come in the form of grand paradigm shifts.

Free agent fits: Cruz or Morse?

With the many decisions that abound this offseason for the Phillies, one major one will concern the outfield. Some seem to think Nelson Cruz should be a prime target, but maybe the best decision lies elsewhere?

Phillies consider Benedict as Dubee replacement

The Phillies search for a new pitching coach stalled for a minute, but has now led them to court the current Pirates coach in charge of Minor League pitching development. Is this a good move, or another in a string of banal mediocre choices?

Phillies Break 3,000,000 in Attendance for 2013

I was not sure that this would happen in 2013, but the Phillies snuck over the 3,000,000 number for the year. Whether this is "paid" or "fannies in seats" I dunno, but it is a lot of people. Better start turning the ship around to do it again next year. Last year, the Phillies led MLB in attendance by drawing over 3,500,000, so it is a big decline.

Keep the Phaith

They're in the throes of a season-long losing streak, their playoff odds are fading by the day, and it's SRO in the trainer's room. But we've got your reasons for hope right here.

Who Are These Guys? Phillies 3, Reds 2

The Phillies eke out an improbable walkoff win over the Reds on two ninth-inning solo homers

Jonathan Pettibone: Shiny new toy

Meet Jonathan Pettibone, this week's shiny new toy for the Phillies. Is he for real? What have the Phillies got here? Is his early success sustainable?

Roy Halladay leads Phillies over Cardinals, 8 - 2

In a rain-shortened complete game, Roy Halladay went seven effective innings, leading the Phillies to a much-needed win over the Cardinals. The Phillies' bats pounded out 8 runs, using up two weeks' worth of runs in one game.

The Upside: Phillies 8, Mets 3

And in the eighth game, it all came together: great pitching, timely power, and an easy win.

A Van Winkle'an Perspective on the Past Offseason

The Phillies basically did the right thing in their approach to the past offseason.

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