Phillies Analysis

Trade Deadline Confusion: On Cole, Chase and Jimmy


I know the Phillies should trade these guys to re-stock their farm system. I just don't want them to.

Phillies rumors: Cardinals Interested in Hamels?


First it was the Red Sox. Then, the Dodgers were interested. Now, multiple reports say St. Louis may be interested in dealing for the Phils' ace left-hander.

Phillies rumors: Hamels dream deals


If the Phillies decide to trade Cole Hamels, they should get a haul in return.

Phillies rumors: Not committed to dealing?


I know this may come as a shock, but there are rumors the Phillies may be over-valuing their own trade chips. I'll wait until you regain consciousness.


Game 103 Open Thread: Diamondbacks at Phillies

For the third straight game, Ryan Howard is not in the Phils' lineup.

Don't blame Ryan Howard


There's too much crap out there blaming Ryan Howard for the mess he and the Phillies are in. The front office is to blame, plain and simple.

Phillies Rumors: trying "hard" to trade Howard


The Phillies appear very motivated to move their benched first baseman, but is anyone really interested?

The beginning of the end of the Ryan Howard story


He was never as great as his accolades or contract indicated, but he was our middle-of-the-lineup MVP slugger, and he helped bring us the greatest run of Phillies baseball ever. Last night's lineup...

Phillies Rumors: Papelbon Struggles Burnett Shines


While starter A.J. Burnett helped his trade stock on Wednesday night, Jonathan Papelbon has struggled.

Phillies Rumors: Trading within the division


Among the nine teams NOT on Cliff Lee's no-trade list are all four NL East teams. Would the Phillies dare consider dealing him within the division?


Phillies Rumors: Cliff Lee shows rust in return


Cliff Lee pitched his first game since May last night, and it sure looked like it.

Phillies Rumors: On A.J., Utley, Byrd & Bastardo


The rumor mill is really starting to crank up now, people.

Phillies Rumors: Burnett & O's, Hamels talk


Fox Sports' Jon Morosi spent much of Saturday churning the Phils' rumor mill, and ESPN's Jim Bowden weighed in with imaginary Cole Hamels deals.

The steady decline of the Phillies offense


How are the Phillies doing versus the league average for their position? And how has that changed over time? Quick answers: not very good, and not in a good way.

Phillies Rumors: Mariners moving on from Byrd?


There are reports the Mariners are targeting David Price and Ben Zobrist, as talks with the Phils have cooled.

Where have all the errors gone?


MLB has seen a big drop in errors over the years. Why?

Phillies trade rumors: don't trade Cliff Lee yet


Trading Cliff Lee seems like a no-brainer, but it makes more sense to wait a little while longer.

Is Cliff Lee ready to return to the Phillies?


The left-hander was shelled in his final rehab start with Clearwater last night.

Phillies All-Star Break offensive grades


I'm not gonna lie to you. There aren't a lot of honor roll students in here.

Phillies rumors: Amaro says team is realistic


Despite winning five in a row (before losing last night to Washington), Ruben Amaro says the team will take a realistic approach to the trade deadline.

Phillies rumors: Yankees targeting Cole Hamels?


Fox Sports' Jon Morosi says a deal between New York and the Phillies centering around Cole Hamels could make sense. But does it really?

Phillies rumors: Market trending Phils' way


Also, Jonathan Papelbon wants to go, while Chase Utley wants to stay.

Can Domonic Brown Pull A Pat Burrell?


The embattled left fielder finally had a good game on Tuesday night. Can the Phillies be as patient with him as they were with another left fielder, about a decade ago?

Phillies Trade Rumors: Amaro Says Changes Coming


Also, the Phils are hot to move Papelbon, Marlon Byrd ain't sweatin' it, and are the Yankees interested in re-acquiring A.J. Burnett?

Phillies Baseball Hasn't Been This Bad Since . . .


The Phillies are playing terrible baseball right now. But is it historically noteworthy?

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