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Hypotheticals: The Devils As Non-Hockey Olympians


With the Olympic break giving Devils fans a much needed break from this season, lets try to have a little fun with our two-week vacation.

Discuss: Kaka for £80m


Chelsea set to land Kaka for record £80m · Negotiations with Milan at an advanced stage · World player of the year keen on move to London That's how the Guardian is prosing it out. Now I'll open...

How MLS attendance stacks with Brazil and the World


In case you haven't already seen the many times regurgitated article, an interesting bit of fan claims and journalistic research produced an intriguing comparison. The Seattle Sounders and the C...



The blog is not broken! To celebrate, I am going to just upload a metric buttload of pictures! YUESSSSSSS!!! CASCADIA WEEK PT. 2 OF A 4 PART SERIES + = "Teitur, gimmie some of your tots!" #...

True Love


There is no such thing as a lesser fan. Sometimes there are 'soccer snobs', who when you mention you follow the Sounders or a big name European team, they grill you for specific reasons, like...

Match Preview: Chill-the-hell-out Edition


WHO: Really, Salt Lake WHAT: Decision day for RSL WHEN: 6PM Saturday KONG WHERE: Bikini Bottom Sandy, Utah WHY: Because one team has to win, another has to lose. Perspective is a sports fan's most...

Autopsy of a Goal


Brek Shea's game-winning goal looked simple and straight forward, even graceful and easy, but it had a lot more to do with the bumbling tactical and positional blunders of the Sounders midfield and...

He wants to visit Santa Claus, and apparently looks just like Alonso


Panayiotis Alexiou, better known to you guys as Peter Vagenas, was originally born in Pasadena, California. From there, he went to school at UCLA a couple miles up the coast, before playing for...

Get your Sounders stalking on


In case you didn't already know, after Saturday's game against the Chicago Fire, the Sounders won't be back home at Qwest for a full 21 days. If you divide by the total number of days in a week,...

Beast Mode


Judging by Chad Ochocinco's trial today, and the imminent NFL lockout, if SKC keep Number #85, are we then allowed to take on Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch for a trial too? In case you were...

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