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Making The Last Out

Alex Rodriguez tied a Yankee record by making the last out of their last two postseasons. (AP) As a kid I was fascinated with the final out...

Ryan Howard's bum fatale injury, captured in verse

Ryan Howard's 2012 season, recapped in hyper-link'd verse by Wet Luzinski, poet laureate of The Good Phight.

I Gots Yer Homers Right Here: Phillies 3, Dodgers 2

Cole Hamels is not traded to the Rangers, Pirates, or Tigers for naked pictures of Kate Upton, yet. But Joe Blanton pitches eight solid innings and Ryan Howard hits a home run to right the world for Phillies fans.

What is the Value of Value in Sports?

↵The news of Ryan Howard's new contract could have been a blip on the radar of sports news, and for many people outside of baseball or outside of Philadelphia it was likely nothing more than...

Making Sense Of The Ryan Howard Blockbuster Deal Through Internet Ramblings

I'm going to be honest, when I heard Ryan Howard got a five-year, $125 million extension from the Phillies, making him the highest-paid player in the history of the franchise, I smiled. As a fan....

Ryan Howard Worked Out With Barry Bonds This Off-Season, But It's Not What You Think

↵Ryan Howard is already one of the best power hitters in the majors, but he can clearly use some work. After hitting over .300 in his first full season in the big leagues – a season in...

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Opening Day

↵To baseball fans, it's somewhat ridiculous that Opening Day was overshadowed by a Tiger Woods press conference and the NCAA title game. Sure, those are both big events, but Opening Day is a...

Spring Training: Breaking Down The Ryan Howard-Albert Pujols Blockbuster Rumor

There are trades that send shockwaves through the sports world, but there are rarely trade rumors that have gotten as much attention as the Phillies kicking the tires to see if they could trade...

Courtesy of The Biz of Baseball: Your Arbitration Scoreboard

Are you like me, nervously twitching in the corner of your room, clutching a February 2010 calendar in your hand with Wednesday and Thursday of this week circled in red– perhaps in blood –...

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