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There is no good reason not to sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado

The Phillies should sign one of these guys if they can and there’s really no good argument to make against it.

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Hittin’ Season #222: On bullpenning, horrible umpiring and the 2019 Phillies rotation

On this episode of "Hittin’ Season," why bullpenning sucks, umpires are horrible,

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2018 Phillies in review: Catchers

What are we thinking about this year’s backstops?

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Hittin’ Season #221: 3 moves (non-Machado or Harper division) the Phillies should make this off-season

Here’s what I think the Phillies should try to do this winter to add talent to the roster.

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Step into The Relief Room

In this bullpen, it’s not the dugout calling. It’s nature.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Disinterested Phillies Fan’s Guide to the NLCS

Because the baseball world cruelly carries on without the Phillies

We’re welcoming four Philadelphia podcasts to SB Nation

Vox Media is officially launching four new podcasts in Philadelphia for fans of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers.

Continued Success #30: Remembering Games 1 & 2 of the 1993 NLCS

On this episode of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher remember those first two crazy games at the Vet against the Braves in the ‘93 playoffs.

Phillies offseason moves you’d love/hate the most

Phillies probably want Bryce Harper AND Manny Machado, but what does TGP want?

Should Sixto Sanchez still be an untouchable Phillies prospect?

Sixto Sanchez will not pitch in the Arizona Fall League after suffering a setback in his off-season routine.

‘It all begins in Billtown’

From Phillies prospects to little leaguers, Williamsport is a place where an endless catalog of baseball stories have begun.

The Dirty Inning

Hittin’ Season #220: Phillies mailbag: Maikel Franco, fixing the D, & trading for Trout

The Phillies have a lot of issues to deal with this off-season, chief among them, improving the defense, who will play third and can the Phils swing a deal for Mike Trout?

Gabe Kapler Versus Angelo Cataldi: A Hyper-Link’d Poem

Continued Success #29: Remembering when Shane Victorino slayed CC Sabathia

On Episode 29 of "Continued Success," Justin Klugh & Liz Roscher remember Games 1 & 2 of the 2008 NLDS.

It’s time to say goodbye

After seven years, I’m leaving The Good Phight.

FanPost Friday: You can be the Phillies (assistant) GM in the SB Nation Offseason Simulation

Let’s work together to turn this ship around

The latest odds on where Bryce Harper will land are out. Where are the Phillies?

A number of teams are expected to pursue the free agent outfielder, including the Phillies. How do they stack up?

Hittin’ Season #219: Which Phillies will NOT be here in 2019?

On Episode 219, NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury joins the show to discuss which players he thinks won’t be here next season, as well as Andy MacPhail’s comments on free agency, Gabe Kapler and the 2018 season.

One last mess at McFadden’s

A bar, a ballpark, and the four-second delay that connected them.

Phillies Stat Notes: Analyzing The Collapse

Final season stats, plus digging into what changed in early August

Real World: A Phillies Postmortem

Recapping the Phillies’ season with a little help from Matchbox 20

Are the Phillies trying to lower expectations on free agency?

The Phillies may not go hog wild on free agency this off-season after all. Or maybe they will.

Mitch Walding gave the second-half Phillies a rare feel-good moment

Nothing went right for the Phillies after August 5. But one thing, one time, went right for Mitch Walding.

The Good Phight’s guide to the MLB playoffs

Let me root, root, root for........somebody

Hittin’ Season #217: Final thoughts on the 2018 Phillies

The 2018 season is over, and before we look ahead, let’s take a quick look back.

One of Gabe Kapler’s first mistakes haunted him all season

Anyone waiting to pounce on the Phillies’ polarizing new manager did not have to wait long.

Phillies win 3-1, beat Braves in season finale

The Phillies finish the season with a win.

A Tease to the Last: Phillies 3, Braves 0

On the penultimate day of the season, the Phillies did what they have been doing to us for seven months.

Keeping the Faith

We all hate what’s happened since August. But it doesn’t affect 2019, nor should it make this team’s future seem less bright.

The Gabe Kapler Questionnaire

The Good Phight has obtained an exclusive portion of the survey recently sent to high-level Phillies employees. Fill it out for yourself

Nein! Braves 10, Phillies 2

Did the Phillies put an end to their eight-game losing streak? No, they did not.

Hittin’ Season #216: Matt Klentak and Gabe Kapler will be on the hot seat entering 2019

The embattled Phillies manager will return, so what other changes could be coming in 2019?

It’s Almost Over, I Promise: Phillies vs. Braves Series Preview

The unpleasantness wraps up this weekend with three games against the Braves

Dahl She Wrote: Rockies 5, Phillies 3

David Dahl and the Rockies finished off a four-game sweep of the Phillies

Game Thread 9/27: Phillies at Rockies

After being demolished for the first 3 games, Phils look to salvage some dignity.


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