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And you wanted Corbin: Comparing Nola’s new deal

How does the Phillies ace compare to the free agent stud who wound up in Washington?

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Why Scott Boras should ultimately land Bryce Harper in Philadelphia

Bryce Harper signed the sport’s most powerful agent for a reason.

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Gabe Kapler: Third base is an “open competition” & pitcher injuries

Two pitchers are facing injury issues, and the third base job is not being handed to Franco.

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It just got Realmuto in Philadelphia

And you can celebrate the Realmuto-ness with a t-shirt conveying this information.

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Phillies, Aaron Nola agree to contract extension

The ace is in place for the next four-plus years

The Realmuto trade, or why we hug our prospects

It’s not about marginal value; it’s about abundant sentimentality.

Who is...The Masked Hitter?

To build fan excitement, the Phillies should take a hint from reality television when they announce their free agent signings.

Phillies pitchers and catchers report, bringing hellish winter to an end

Making the transition from offseason grump to pre-season fan can be tough.

Gregg Jefferies: Was He Actually Good?

Gregg Jefferies was not well-liked by fans during his time in a Phillies uniform? Did we misjudge his value?

The Phillies Mike Trout fell in love with did not love him back

How appealing did the Phillies really make themselves while Mike Trout was growing up watching them?

Why the Giants make absolutely no sense for Bryce Harper

If Harper wants to win and put up big numbers, San Francisco is the last place he should go.

We’re welcoming four Philadelphia podcasts to SB Nation

Vox Media is officially launching four new podcasts in Philadelphia for fans of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers.

Phillies daily links: 2/11/19

We’re back!

Step into The Relief Room

In this bullpen, it’s not the dugout calling. It’s nature.

The Dirty Inning: Ruffin up Bruce

It was a splendid summer day in 1989 when Bruce Ruffin pitched the worst first inning of his career.

The J.T. Realmuto trade and saying goodbye to prospects

Justin and Liz look at the Phillies’ J.T. Realmuto trade from every angle, with very little shouting.

The J.T. Realmuto trade shows the value of the slow play

The Phillies waited and waited and waited and surprised everyone by landing Realmuto.

The instant impact of J.T. Realmuto

Here’s what Thursday’s big splash (ha ha) brings to the table

The flip side of the Realmuto trade

A lot of people don’t like the trade. Outside of the obvious, here’s a different way to look at it

‘It all begins in Billtown’

From Phillies prospects to little leaguers, Williamsport is a place where an endless catalog of baseball stories have begun.

Phillies trade for Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto

The Phillies seem to have swung a deal to acquire the best catcher in baseball

Here’s a different solution to the rotation

Would piggybacking starters work to the Phillies benefit?

Sixto Sanchez should not be part of any J.T. Realmuto trade

Why including Sixto in any deal for Realmuto just doesn’t make any sense.

Rob Thomson joins storied history of Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

The Phillies’ bench coach is headed to St. Marys, Ontario with Ryan Dempster, Jason Bay, and Gord Ash.

TGP Top Phillies Prospects: #10 - #1

Sixto, Medina and Bohm...oh my!

Was John Middleton’s “Stupid Money” all a lie?

Where’s the "stupid money" at John? Huh? HUH??????

REPORT: Phillies “making progress” in trade talks for J.T. Realmuto

Could the Phillies be making a play for the best young catcher in baseball?

Which Phillies could be MLB Network Top 10 players heading into 2020?

These four players could take a step forward and be a top-10 player at their position by the end of this year?

The best news you’ll hear today: The Phillies Spring Training schedule is out!

Get ready to see B**** H***** and the gang down in Clearwater!

TGP Top Phillies Prospects: #20 - #11

Ruben Tuesdays: Lucky Pierre

With the Phillies outfield in disarray, Ruben Amaro tried to fill the void with a speedy veteran

TGP Top Phillies Prospects: #30 - #21

TheGoodPhight’s Top Prospects entering the 2019 season

Phillies daily links: 2/4/19


Jorge Alfaro and making contact

Here are two things El Oso can work on in order to cut down on his strikeout totals


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