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The pros and cons of the Phillies trading for Juan Soto

He’s a modern day Ted Williams and a perfect fit for this offense, but would it be good for the Phillies?

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His season was strange. Probably more than you realize.

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Rise and Phight: 11/29/2023

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2023 Phillies in Review: Alec Bohm

2023: A Season in Bohments

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Rise and Phight: 11/28/2023

A signing? By the Phillies?

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This stream has:

Phillies 2023 Year in Review

Where we recap all the highs and lows this lovable band miscreants brought us

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The Latest

Rise and Phight: 11/27/2023

Will this be the week of Ohtani?

There’s a Hoskins’ shaped hole in my heart

So it goes

Black Friday with BreakingT

It’s officially the holiday season

The Phillies have their own version of Black Friday

Oh, what might have been

Rise and Phight: 11/24/2023

Relax today, friend.

Smarty and Brian’s Thanksgiving Post o’ Fun - Part Two

More Thanksgiving hilarity to read while avoiding your family

Rise and Phight: 11/23/2023

Gobble, gobble

2023 Phillies in review: Rhys Hoskins

His absence hit harder than anyone’s bat

Smarty and Brian’s Thanksgiving Post o’Fun - Part One

Bringing you a little Phillies-related joy this Turkey Day

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Rise and Phight: 11/22/2023

It’s Cooperstown talk time.

The Aaron Nola signing is good news. Just ask the Phillies’ competitors who wanted him.

Nola has his detractors, but almost none of them are outside Philadelphia.

Hey Mr. Rager

Go, go Power Ranger

Rise and Phight: 11/21/2023

Johnny Deep Pockets, keep writing them checks!

The Phillies have their big free agent signing. Now what?

What’s the next move, Dave?

2023 Phillies in review: Michael Plassmeyer

The Phillies hoped Plassmeyer could provide pitching depth in 2023; He did not.

Rise and Phight: 11/20/2023

He’s baaaack....

REPORT: Phillies re-sign Aaron Nola to a new 7-year deal

Nola will be sticking around in Philadelphia after all.

Josh Harrison and the Phillies were just not meant to be

The Phils are 0/2 when it comes to good deals with the utility man

Rise and Phight: 11/17/2023

Weston Wilson had one of the best moments of 2023 for the Phillies

Sometimes, you just can’t overcome a no-hitter

Rise and Phight: 11/16/2023

More Nola news (and Roster stuff)

Let’s examine some of the latest rumors regarding the Phillies

Some are good; some not so good

He Started Game Four of the NLCS the Year Before

He began the season as their game three starter.

Phillies make a minor trade ahead of the Rule 5 deadline

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

The trolls who script baseball love a redemption story and Trea Turner is their Chosen One

The trolls who script baseball love a redemption story and Trea Turner is their Chosen One

Rise and Phight: 11/14/2023

It’s getting a little slow these days

Johan Rojas made a strong first impression in 2023

Want to relive Rojas’ electric debut? Of course you do!

Rise and Phight: 11/13/2023

An idiot’s guide to visiting Clearwater - Part 2

So you STILL want to attend a Spring Training game

An idiot’s guide to visiting Clearwater - Part 1

So you want to attend a Spring Training game

Veteran’s Day: when the Phillies’ Hugh Mulcahy went to war

From Shibe Park to the Pacific and back again

Weekend open thread

What do we want to talk about this weekend?


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