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Where does the payroll stand so far for the Phillies?

Entering the deep part of winter, how much more money does the team have left to spend?

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The Offseason: 1/18/2021

Dombrowski knows what’s up

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REPORT: Phillies have a big offer in J.T. Realmuto

Is it enough?

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A new international signing period begins today

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The Latest

The offseason: 1/15/2021

The Phillies finally entered the free agency fray

How to listen to The Good Phight Podcasts

A guide to listening to podcasts...

Archie Bradley fills a desperate need for the Phillies bullpen

The veteran right-hander will be a solid late-inning option for Joe Girardi.

12 left-handed starting pitching options for the Phillies in 2021

There are lots from which to choose.

What’s this about Andrew Benintendi?

Are the Phillies looking at a reclamation project?

The Offseason: 1/14/2021

It’s my anniversary. Happy happy.

The Offseason: 1/13/2021

Learning to love life in a buyer’s market

The Phillies will eventually do something...probably

The Offseason: 1/12/21

Some things are happening in the game

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Are we being too hard on the Phillies?

They’re losing ground in the NL East, but there’s still lots of talent available.

Baseball Prospectus gives their top ten Phillies prospects

A recent draftee tops this list

The Good Phight’s MLB Power Rankings

Why not?

The Offseason: 1/11/2021

Division rivals improving themselves isn’t fun

Phillies make a move to add more depth to their bullpen

So Dave Dombrowski certainly has a type he’s looking for

The Mets trading for Lindor doesn’t signal the end of the Phillies

But boy did their job just get harder

The Phillies could be doing what the Mets are doing

All it takes is the will to do it.

The offseason: 1/8/2021

The Mets are making their move

The Offseason: 1/6/2021

I think today is a good day for the Phillies to sign someone

2020 Player Reviews: Andrew McCutchen

The Offseason: 1/5/2021

The rough part of the offseason is here

Ranking the Phillies’ competition for J.T. Realmuto

Who is the Phils’ biggest obstacle to landing the star catcher?

Roster Projection 1.0

A new year, a new beginning at what this team might look like

Not really protecting much anymore, Hector Neris is due for a role change

2020 wasn’t kind to the Protector

The Offseason: 1/4/2021

The mysterious allure of the total rebuild

If you’re not first, you’re last?

2020 Player Reviews: Spencer Howard

No, not that Howard. Spencer Howard.

The Offseason: 12/31/2020

Good riddance, 2020

The Phillies need to start getting the Jose Alvarado moves right.

The Phils have made a lot of moves like this but few have worked out.

Phillies trade for relief help

Let’s it started that something to get excited about with the Phillies?

By George, I think the team has something in Alec Bohm

The Offseason: 12/29/2020

What is it like to watch your team make moves?

Let’s examine the Dombrowski moves: Boston edition

It was different up in Massachusetts than in Michigan