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Phillies daily links: 1/18/19

Want to guess what DIDN’T happen today?

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Hittin’ Season #249: Phillies “can’t lose” in their hunt for Macharper

The Phillies are in the driver’s seat when it comes to landing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado

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Upgrading the backup catcher spot

Should the team go with a better glove, or someone more offensive in their approach?

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Steve Carlton and the cost of 20 losses

Some years, even the highest salary in the league can’t buy you a winning record.

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The Latest

Phillies daily links: 1/17/19

Everyone gettin’ mad at each other

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Phillies daily links: 1/16/19

Help end this offseason.

REPORT: Phillies will not sign both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper

Or will they?

Phillies daily links: 1/15/19

Where we continue to wait....and wait....and wait....and wait....

Hittin’ Season #248: The Phillies are the “favorites” to land Bryce Harper

After a meeting in Las Vegas, it appears the Phils are much closer to signing the star outfielder than they were before.

Phillies daily links: 1/14/19

The weekend meetings are over. Now we wait...

The Phillies Mike Trout fell in love with did not love him back

How appealing did the Phillies really make themselves while Mike Trout was growing up watching them?

The Aaron Nola contract impasse needs to be resolved quickly

The team should do everything it can to avoid going to a hearing with its star pitcher

We’re welcoming four Philadelphia podcasts to SB Nation

Vox Media is officially launching four new podcasts in Philadelphia for fans of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers.

Phillies and Aaron Nola cannot agree on contract, likely headed to arbitration

The Phillies have agreed to one-year deals for their remaining 8 arbitration-eligible players.

Step into The Relief Room

In this bullpen, it’s not the dugout calling. It’s nature.

Continued Success #41: Review of “Everyone’s Hero”

On Episode 41 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher review the 2006 animated film "Everyone’s Hero" and discover an alternate universe of talking baseballs, massive plot holes, and a World Series that never happened.

Hittin’ Season #247: Hot Stove & Trout w/ Scott Lauber

On Episode 247, Scott Lauber discusses Macharper & Trout and Eric Longenhagen of Fangraphs talks Phils prospects

Phillies daily links: 1/11/19

The before the big meeting of the weekend. Could something else be happening this weekend as well?

Phillies daily links: 1/10/19

Another day, dragging by, with no news whatsoever of anything happening ever again the Phillies universe

This needs to be over

When we look back on this time, we will remember none of this.

‘It all begins in Billtown’

From Phillies prospects to little leaguers, Williamsport is a place where an endless catalog of baseball stories have begun.

Mike Trout is never coming to the Phillies

Folks, you need to wake up. It’s not happening

Phillies daily links: 1/9/19

Someone save us from this dark time in the offseason calendar

Quick, sign the rest of Manny Machado’s friends!

The White Sox have taught us this off-season that maybe you don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars to sign Manny Machado. Maybe you just need... a little love.

Ruben Tuesdays: Byrd Returns to the Nest

Ruben Amaro needed an outfielder who was better than Delmon Young. He found one.

2019 Phillies MLB Draft Preview: Adley Rutschman, C

The Dirty Inning: Hoak Springs Eternal

Sometimes, you need more than Gene Mauch’s taunts to win the day.

REPORT: Phillies will meet with Bryce Harper on Saturday

A USA Today report indicates a face-to-face meeting is upcoming within days.

Hittin’ Season #246: Waiting for Mike Trout is stupid

Are the Phillies really holding back on a Macharper contract to save room for Mike Trout in two years?

Phillies daily links: 1/7/19

Anything happen with the sports teams in the Philadelphia this weekend?

The Phillies don’t love us... or do they?

Perhaps the Phillies have delayed signing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper because they care about their fans?

Bullpen Battle: Who’s in, who’s out

The Phillies figure to have a pretty good bullpen in 2019, but there are too few roster spots to go around to fit everyone in.

How to survive ten years with the Phillies

For superstars, sluggers, utility players, and bullpen arms, a decade with the Phillies is always a long time.

Continued Success #40: David Robertson is a great move, but not the one people are waiting for

On Episode 40 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher talk about the Phillies signing of relief pitcher David Robertson! It was a great move, but probably not the signing anyone wanted to hear about.

The Phillies don’t have a closer

In fact, they have closer(s)

A closer look at David Robertson

One of the game’s most consistent, durable, and effective relievers over the past decade is now a member of the Phils. Here’s what he brings to the table.


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