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Rise and Phight: 12/3/2021

We are on the side of the players

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The Phillies need more than Corey Knebel to fix their bullpen

The Phillies still have a lot of key relief innings to replace

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Developing more Connor Brogdons is key for the Phillies

A relief pitcher developed from within. Never thought I’d live to see the day...

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Phillies add some infield depth with Johan Camargo

Right before the lockout began, the team added a little bit of help to their infield mix

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The Latest

Rise and Phight: 12/2/2021

And now, we wait

How to listen to The Good Phight Podcasts

A guide to listening to podcasts...

REPORT: Phillies to sign Corey Knebel

Might they finally join the free agency fun?!?

Here’s a Phillies offseason where money is no object

What if the luxury tax didn’t exist?

2021 report card: Travis Jankowski

Janky was a fun story...for a bit

Rise and Phight: 12/1/21

This is the end

UPDATED: Phillies roster move thread

There are some decisions that need to be made today

Roman Quinn is out, Yoan Lopez is in

As the roster churns...

Rise and Phight: 11/30/2021

Tomorrow is December already.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Phillies have contacted Nick Castellanos, per report

Let’s make lots of money

We have to try and remain patient

It’s tough, but we have to try

Rise and Phight: 11/29/2021

The Phillies aren’t making moves, but other people are

The Phillies have lost Héctor Neris to the Astros

In a surprising turn of events, longtime Phillies reliever Héctor Neris has reportedly signed with the Houston Astros.

Smarty’s 2021 Thanksgiving Day post of fun

Talking baseball (and football) on Turkey Day

Transcontinental Doordash

Wherein I discover that Doordash will bring a Philly cheesesteak from Jims on South St to Fairbanks, AK.

Let’s talk about why the Phillies shouldn’t trade Jean Segura

I have a feeling you’re going to see his name pop up soon

Jose Alvarado throws hard. Knowing where it’s going is altogether different

The hard throwing lefty gave us plenty of heartburn this year

Rise and Phight: 11/24/2021

All-MLB, huh? Doesn’t that mean they’re the best?

Who’s the better Hall of Fame candidate? Rollins or Abreu?

How do the two former teammates stack up as Hall of Fame candidates?

The Phillies let down Spencer Howard

This is a story of a how a team failed a player

Rise and Phight: 11/23/2021

The Marlins made a....splash

What if...the Phillies had signed Gerrit Cole instead of Zack Wheeler?

Spending a ton of money on one pitcher was the right call, but what if it was on the wrong person?

2021 report card: Ronald Torreyes

The Big Toe, as he’s known, did fill a hole for the team, but he wasn’t actually good

Rise and Phight: 11/22/2021

A slow news weekend

Phillies continue their roster shuffle

New guys in, other guys out

Ways to celebrate Bryce Harper winning the MVP

The moment we’ve been eagerly waiting for has finally come and gone. What now?

How to dispose of the NüPhanatic

He’s gone. Now what?

What to do about Didi Gregorius is key to 2022

How can a signing go so bad so quickly?

Rise and Phight: 11/19/2021

The MVP is home

Bryce Harper is the 2021 National League MVP

Phillies superstar Bryce Harper beat Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr. to claim his second career MVP.

NL Cy Young vote showcases new battle lines in tradition vs. analytics

What’s more important... durability or dominance?

2021 report card: Vince Velasquez

The Velasquez era is finally over in Philadelphia....probably