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Go go power Ranger: Phillies 3, Pirates 0

Ranger Suarez’s shutout lifted the Phillies to victory

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Gamethread 9/25: Pirates at Phillies

Anotha one...

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Come back baby: Phillies 8, Pirates 6

For the fourth game in a row, the Phillies earned a comeback victory

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Gamethread 9/24: Pirates at Phillies

Moar pleeze

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The Phillies are drama kings

Say this for the Phils. They aren’t boring.

Let’s make a push for Jean Segura to win a Gold Glove

He’s been very good and deserves to be recognized

How to listen to The Good Phight Podcasts

A guide to listening to podcasts...

Rise and Phight: 9/24/2021

It’s time to consider the unthinkable

What it is ain’t exactly clear: Phillies 12, Pirates 6

Six-run deficit? No problem!

Gamethread 9/23: Pirates at Phillies


Héctor Neris and his quest for Phillies greatness

The Phillies reliever is inching closer and closer to the franchise record for strikeouts by a reliever.

The 1988 Dodgers, 2006 Cardinals & 10 games left for the Phillies to join them

The Phillies are an incomplete, flawed team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the postseason.

Trudging on: Phillies vs. Pirates series preview

After (barely) beating the Orioles, the Phillies move on to another bad opponent who they’ll probably struggle with

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Rise and Phight: 9/23/2021

Another day, another bad team the Phillies should beat

Get your MV3 shirt today from BreakingT

It is time

We will never speak of this series again: Phillies 4, Orioles 3

Just take the series win and move on

Gamethread 9/22: Orioles at Phillies

It’s Wheeler Win Day

Rise and Phight: 9/22/2021

Win the game today please

Thank goodness: Phillies 3, Orioles 2

I’m not sure I could have survived had this team lost tonight

Gamethread 9/21: Orioles at Phillies

I cannot wait for this game.

Two veteran leaders who must perform for the Phillies to reach the playoffs

If McCutchen and Didi don’t get going, you can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Let’s try Matt Vierling at leadoff

Because why not

Rise and Phight: 9/21/2021


Means to an end: Orioles 2, Phillies 0

If this is the best they can do, the Phillies might as well give up now.

Gamethread 9/20: Orioles at Phillies

Just. Win.

Easy wins on paper: Phillies vs. Orioles series preview

The Orioles are bad, but since when does that matter?

Will Ranger Suárez get some down-ballot Cy Young votes?

The 26-year-old southpaw continues to impress.

Rise and Phight: 9/20/2021

This week is a must win week

Sweep denied: Mets 3, Phillies 2

They still won the season series

Gamethread 9/19: Phillies at Mets

Phillies go for the sweep.

Jeanie Bo’ Beanie: Phillies 5, Mets 3

Segura has the Metropolitans seeing double

Gamethread 9/18: Phillies at Mets

A win today is a series win and a season series win

Not the usual suspects: Phillies 4, Mets 3

The Phillies’ win was mostly thanks to guys not named Harper or Wheeler

Gamethread 9/17: Phillies at Mets

Let’s do this thing

At least our owner stays off Twitter: Phillies vs. Mets series preview

It could be worse. We could have to deal with John Middleton tweeting through it.

Bryce Harper should be the MVP

What are we even doing here?