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Rise and Phight: 9/29/2022

All the criticism is warranted

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The despair, it’s real: Cubs 4, Phillies 2

It’s getting way too tight in here

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Gamethread 9/28: Phillies at Cubs

Win this frickin’ game tonight

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Rise and Phight: 9/28/2022

You have to be KIDDING ME!

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Clench, not clutch: Cubs 2, Phillies 1

The Phillies’ offense came up small against the Cubs

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Gamethread 9/27: Phillies at Cubs

It starts...

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How to listen to The Good Phight Podcasts

A guide to listening to podcasts...

Do or die: Phillies vs. Cubs series preview

The playoffs are within reach as long as the Phillies do what they need to do

Hurricane Ian could pose massive problems for the Phillies in D.C.

The remnants of the major hurricane hitting Florida this week could be felt in the DC area this weekend.

Is 2022 the new 2007 for the Phillies?

Comparing the Phils of old to the Phillies of new

Rise and Phight: 9/27/2022

Today begins a big series

The Phillies are choosing “the hard way.”

While still in control of their own destiny, the Phillies are making things hard on themselves down the stretch.

The Phillies need to figure out a way to not let Kyle Gibson make another start

Nothing personal, but we’re talking about the playoffs here

Rise and Phight: 9/26/2022

A day off to discuss

Braves 8, Phillies 7: The magic number is eight

The Phillies come up just short in their final home game of the 2022 regular season

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Gamethread 9/25: Braves at Phillies

We appreciate you as much as the Phillies plan to

Baseball is a game of inches, or so I’m told: Braves 6, Phillies 3

Hello, Reds.

Gamethread 9/24: Braves at Phillies

Need to capitalize on the chance to win the series

Rhys Hoskins, he’s our baby: Phillies 9, Braves 1

Stepping up in a big way, Hoskins leads the offense to a laugher over Atlanta

Gamethread 9/23: Braves at Phillies

Let’s do this

Phight Club: Weeks 23 and 24

Couldn’t watch all of this week’s games and don’t have the time to read long recaps? Get caught up on the past week in Phillies baseball in about 1,000 words.

Rise and Phight: 9/23/2022

Ladies and gentlemen....the weekend.

Pitcher’s duels are awesome: Phillies 1, Braves 0

Love these old fashioned games

Gamethread 9/22: Braves at Phillies

Kind of a big deal

Harper’s reckoning: Phillies vs. Braves series preview

The Phillies need an MVP performance out of Bryce Harper

Rise and Phight: 9/22/2022

Shirtless on Main: Phillies 4, Blue Jays 3

It wasn’t fun, but it’ll do

Gamethread 9/21: Blue Jays at Phillies

A split?

Rise and Phight: 9/21/2022

Way down we go: Blue Jays 18, Phillies 11

The pitching staff carried the Phillies to their fifth straight loss

Gamethread 9/20: Blue Jays at Phillies

A big two game series begins

Two bad: Phillies vs. Blue Jays series preview

Two-game interleague series haven’t gone well for the Phillies this year

It’s time for some heroes to end the Phillies’ postseason drought

Now’s the time for the superstars to do the hero thing.

The Phillies need a kick in the pants. Changing the lineup might be it

Rob Thomson has pressed some good buttons this year. It might be time to press this one

Rise and Phight: 9/20/2022

Thanks, Mets

Zach Eflin is suddenly kind of important

It was nice to see the big right-hander back on the mound

Rise and Phight: 9/19/2022

Alone, listless...

Swept on home: Braves 5, Phillies 2

An embarrassing series is over