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Guest Post: A View of the Phillies from across the Keystone State

Kevin Creagh from The Point of Pittsburgh weighs in on how the Phillies look from the other side of Pennsylvania.

Rhys Hoskins was Great in 2018 - Except When He Wasn’t

Rhys Hoskins was excellent for long stretches of the season. Unfortunately, there were other stretches too.

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Aaron Nola snuck in some NL MVP votes

The Phillies’ young ace set an intimidating tone for the seasons to follow.

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Phillies daily links: 11/16/2018

"So let’s sing a song of cheer again/Happy days are here again"

The Latest

Hittin’ Season #231: The Phillies block the Braves from hiring Chris Young

The Athletic’s Meghan Montemurro joins the podcast to talk about Chris Young as pitching coach, Aaron Nola and Hot Stove rumors.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Rhys Hoskins homers again as 2018 MLB Japan All-Star series concludes

The Phillies slugger may have just been heating up as the exhibition drew to a close.

Step into The Relief Room

In this bullpen, it’s not the dugout calling. It’s nature.

Phillies daily links: 11/15/2018

Welcome back to the daily links section that will hopefully be a daily thing!

We’re welcoming four Philadelphia podcasts to SB Nation

Vox Media is officially launching four new podcasts in Philadelphia for fans of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers.

Phillies seem prepared to say goodbye to Justin Bour

The Phillies’ third first baseman is being placed on waivers, according to reports.

Phillies reportedly promote Chris Young to pitching coach

Outside interest in their assistant pitching coach seems to have forced the Phillies’ hand.

‘It all begins in Billtown’

From Phillies prospects to little leaguers, Williamsport is a place where an endless catalog of baseball stories have begun.

The Dirty Inning

Hittin’ Season #230: Is Carlos Santana good or not?

In this episode, we discuss the value of Carlos Santana and who the Phillies might trade him to.

Rhys Hoskins homers on other side of the planet

The Phillies slugger got a hold of one very early this morning, Eastern Standard Time.

The Phillies should consider these 4 trade ideas

The Phillies could be looking to find homes for a number of their own players. Here are four trades that make sense.

Continued Success #34: 2008 World Series memories

Where Justin and Liz remember how the Phillies overcame bad weather and a bad offense to win the 2008 World Series.

Is Yusei Kikuchi the lefty the Phillies have been waiting for?

More than anything, the Phillies need better pitchers.

The Phillies SB Nation offseason simulation

How did your boy(s) do this season?

Phillies could trade Maikel Franco, Cesar Hernandez, Carlos Santana

There have been multiple updates on potential Phillies moves as we inch toward "things actually happening" season.

Hittin’ Season #229: “Bank on” Bryce Harper coming to the Phillies’s Mike Petriello chats about the latest Hot Stove rumors & the Phils, and one MLB writer says the Phillies are going to get Bryce Harper.

For many Phillies, playing overseas becomes rebirth

The Dirty Inning: You can always sink Loewer

The episode of The Dirty Inning takes us back to 1999, when things were not great. Unless you were the Mets.

Hopefully, it’s a new day for the Phillies outfield defense and base running

The Phillies have hired a new outfield and base running coach, Paco Figueroa.

The Phillies Were Not Strong Up the Middle in 2018

The middle infield was a potential strength for the 2018 Phillies. For the most part, it was not.

Why not just put Charlie Manuel in the Hall of Fame?

Sounds cool.

Aaron Nola is a Cy Young finalist

The Phillies ace is in the running for the best hardware a pitcher can own.

Hittin’ Season #228: Could the Phillies sign BOTH Manny Machado and Bryce Harper?

What are the odds the Phils land both superstars this off-season?

What’s in store for Jerad Eickhoff and J.P. Crawford in 2019?

Eickhoff’s and Crawford’s future are uncertain after "lost seasons" in 2018.

The Phillies most important off-season in recent history is now here

It’s time to make the team better, guys.

Phillies Stat Notes: 2018 Signals and Noises - Part 2

Aaron Nola’s season: historic, or merely excellent?

An interview with 2018 Paul Owens Award winner Austin Listi

The top offensive player in the organization is currently playing in the Arizona Fall League.

What in the world happened to Aaron Altherr?

After a very good 2017, he broke this past season. Can we figure out why?

The Phillies as Halloween Candy

Let’s celebrate Halloween by comparing some Phillies players to Halloween candy!

The Phillies should be on the phone with Arizona

But for who?

Let’s all hold each other and discuss the 2008 World Series

Ten years have passed since... well, you know.


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