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Per the Inquirer.

Press conference at 4 this afternoon. The rumor has been that team president David Montgomery wants Brian Cashman, currently the GM of the Yankees. Of course, that can't happen until the Bronx Bombers' season ends, which could be as soon as tonight or not until the end of the month.

Yes, icy fingers of dread already grip my heart; three decades of phandom tell me that Ruben Amaro Jr or Dallas Green will likely be at least the interim replacements, which would amount to "Meet the New Boss, Same as [or Worse Than] the Old Boss." But for now, let's just enjoy this richly deserved, long-anticipated moment, and hope for better things to come.

Update [2005-10-11 10:51:4 by dajafi]:Should have mentioned this yesterday, but Amaro and Arbuckle are the "acting" GMs. They and Montgomery still plan to trek to Virginia for an audience with Billy Wagner and his wonderfully named agent, Bean Stringfellow. (Sounds made up, doesn't it?...)

Update [2005-10-10 15:52:26 by dajafi]: from, another link:

David Montgomery, Phillies President, announced that Ed Wade was relieved of his duties as the club's General Manager today.

"This was a very difficult decision. No one works harder than Ed, and he has served this organization extraordinarily well for over 16 years," explained Montgomery. "At the same time, we have not been able to achieve the goals we have set for the Phillies. As a result, I believe we have reached a point where a change is necessary."

More as we hear it. The Cashman rumor was repeated on WFAN-AM in New York, by Larry Bowa no less.

Update [2005-10-10 16:34:17 by dajafi]: Montgomery at the press conference says he doesn't have a replacement in mind, but will interview Amaro and Arbuckle. Search starts tomorrow.

Wade also met the press. That's admirable, but then he apparently went on to defend his tenure and say, "I deserved these eight years." Peevish and small-minded to the last. I think it's pretty much certain that he'll never get another GM job, but I wonder if any team would hire him for anything.