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Ed Wade: Effin' nuts?

Randy Miller drops this bombshell about the apparently famous temper of Ed Wade, ex-Phillies GM and Milhouse Van Houten look-alike. Famous, except for the fact that no one outside of the team or the media seemed to know about it.

Juicy parts:

Ed Wade screamed and cursed for several minutes, then picked up a chair in Charlie Manuel's office and whipped it across the room.


The chair smashed into a wall halfway between the ceiling and the floor. Two legs and chunks of wood littered the area.


Years earlier, Wade called a team meeting to scream at players. One pitcher said everyone buried their heads in their arms so Wade couldn't see them laughing at him.


It goes on and on.  It's a fascinating article, if for no other reason than it tries to explode the myth of Wade as the milquetoast, wimpy nerd, and replaces it instead with a Bowa-ish nutjob in high-fastening pants.

It does seem a little fishy, to me at least, that this kind of thing was never spoken of before.  Was Wade vindictive and petty?  Miller certainly seems to be implying that he feared losing access to the team for important information if he printed "the truth about Ed."

It's also extremely disturbing that, if the article is true, this guy managed to stay employed here for eight years.