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Philadelphia Inquirer: it's Gillick

To be announced tomorrow:

Pat Gillick will be announced as the Phillies general manager tomorrow, major league baseball sources told The Inquirer tonight.

Gillick, 68, interviewed for the job Friday and Phillies president David Montgomery came away impressed.

Sigh. On the plus side, he's got the track record--three stops, three playoff teams--and the bona fides. On the minus side, there's a strong suspicion that he's just keeping the seat warm for Amaro, and there are concerns that the game has passed him by. I'm not confident that he'll deliver the thoroughgoing change that this organization needs.

We wanted a broom; Gillick is probably more like a feather duster. But he'll be a major improvement on Wade, and that could be enough to get the Phils into the playoffs, and once there, anything can happen.