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Thome to the White Sox?

There's no official word, but media outlets are reporting that Jim Thome is going to be traded to the White Sox for Aaron Rowand and two minor league pitchers, possibly Dan Haigwood and Gio Gonzalez.

Update [2005-11-23 17:2:55 by dajafi]: The Inquirer says it's a done deal. And has now verified the prospects as Gonzalez and Haigwood.

Update [2005-11-23 18:51:15 by dajafi]: See also this analysis piece on Thome for Rowand at our SB Nation sister site Beyond the Boxscore.

If the latter part of this trade rumor is true, this is a great deal for the Phillies. They fill a definite need in the minor league system - bona fide starting pitching prospects (who are left handed too!). And, they get a real major league talent in return. This does create a glut in center field, but with lots of time left in the off-season, Rowand could be flipped for quality starting pitching (to the Yankees?) or Michaels and Victorino could play the role of decent bench players, something that was really missing from the team this past year. Also, fans have to love the salary relief that will be provided by the trade (rumored that the Phils will pay only half of Thome's remaining $48M). This money could be put toward a free agent starting pitcher to pair with Lieber and Myers at the top of the rotation.

For getting rid of a player on the downside of his career and with a serious injury problem cutting short his season this past year, this is pretty nice haul for Pat Gillick's first trade. Seeing a player of Thome's quality and character go is sad, but this could be a great way to better the team and open up Ryan Howard's playing time for the foreseeable future.