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Non-tender deadline tonight

Update [2005-12-21 10:49:6 by dajafi]: Chavez non-tendered, with this departing kick in the pants from Phillies Pravda:

Chavez did little to impress the Phillies after being acquired in May for Marlon Byrd. The lefty batted .215 in 107 at-bats over 91 games and showed poor baserunning skills, limiting his role as a speedy baserunning option.

The Phillies have until midnight tonight to offer contracts to their three arbitration-eligible players: Brett Myers, Jason Michaels, and Endy Chavez. It's pretty much certain that the Phils will look to retain their #2 starter and their fourth outfielder; whether or not they tender Chavez a contract depends upon whom you believe. (Or whose sources are better: Hayes' or Zolecki's.)

The strong feeling here is that the Phils should cut Inning Endy loose. He was awful in 2005, and will be 28 next season. Given the experience-driven salary escalators in MLB, he's almost certain to "earn" more than he's worth in performance. Right now he's sixth on the outfield depth chart, behind Abreu, Burrell, Rowand, Michaels and Shane Victorino. If they're planning to trade Michaels, he'd be the fifth OF--but one who's almost useless as a pinch-hitter. For a defensive sub, pinch-runner and designated bunter, they should look either to the waiver wire or the minor-league system, where Chris Roberson looks ready to roll. And at age 26, Roberson isn't someone you'd worry about as far as not getting him enough ABs to develop further.

Among the other names rumored as possible non-tenders are Seattle Mariners starting pitchers Gil Meche and Ryan Franklin. Neither does much for me, having put up lousy numbers for the M's last season in a pitcher's park. If Meche is healthy, he might be worth a flyer given his past success, but would he come cheap? Seems doubtful.