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Welcome to The Good Phight, an online community for Philadelphia Phillies fans. This is the place for discussion of all things Phillies, from the game between the white lines to organizational activity, team history, the minor leagues, the division and NL competition, sabermetric analysis, the Philly sports scene and the ballpark experience.

We're here to offer the most lively, insightful conversation about the Fightin' Phils anywhere on the Internet. In the days and weeks to come, you'll see original feature content from our lineup of Phreaks on all aspects of the team. But this is your site too: with the Diary function, you can launch your own "blog within the blog," and sound off on whatever's on your mind.

No other sport can match baseball in the day-in, day-out unfolding of the season. If you're devoted to the Phils, we hope you'll enjoy the rest of this exciting season with us.