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An Addict's Logic

Written by dsc

There's been some talk among the Phillie phaithful that if the Phils fall far from contention come the trade deadline that they might trade Billy Wagner or Ugueth Urbina.  There's even been some talk that this might happen if the Phils are in the race for the post-season and Worrell or Adams comes back as a serviceable reliever; the logic is that 1) Madson can take either Wagner or Urbina's role and 2) Wagner or Urbina could get the Phils a replacement for Wolf and/or Padilla, especially given the way closers on other teams are in high demand.

This talk is absolute nonsense.  As long as Ed Wade is in charge, there is absolutely no way that a valuable bullpen arm like Wagner or a perceived-to-be-valuable bullpen arm like Urbina is traded.  That doesn't mean that it shouldn't happen or that it wouldn't be a good idea to explore these options.  After all, Urbina's flyball tendencies have produced horrific results at CBP but other teams might find him valuable for them.  Likewise, Wagner could bring a lot in return that could help the team get to the post-season.

But, to think that Ed Wade, the man who has spent the bulk of his time and energy as GM agonizing over the bullpen, the man who worships at the altar of the proven veteran, the man who traded FOR Mike Williams and his 6.27 ERA at the time of the deal, would even think of trading two guys like Wagner or Urbina is incredibly absurd.  It'd be like asking a heroin addict to trade away
his stash so he can get some decent food to eat.  It would be the right thing to do, but he'll never do it.