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Game 90 - Marlins at Phillies, July 14, 2005

A.J. Burnett
B. Myers
5-5 Record 6-5
113.2 IP 115.1
3.33 ERA 3.20
111 K 113
40 BB 35
6 HR 14
Marlins Phillies
CF J. Pierre SS J. Rollins
2B L. Castillo CF K. Lofton
1B C. Delgado 2B C. Utley
LF M. Cabrera RF B. Abreu
RF J. Encarnacion LF P. Burrell
C P. LoDuca 1B R. Howard
3B M. Lowell 3B T. Perez
SS A. Gonzalez C M. Lieberthal
P A. Burnett P B. Myers

Hey, look what I did!

The Phils' arch-nemesis Florida Marlins are in town. Ed Wade's wet dream idol Juan Pierre will lead off and try to mess with Phils' pitchers. Listen to Wheels praise his scrappy play. Pay no attention to the .666 OPS behind the curtain.

Tonight's matchup features two relatively evenly matched pitchers. Check out how even in the stats, except for Myers' home run totals. If the Phils can win 3 of 4 in this series, they'll move a game and a half ahead of the Marlins and maybe pick up some good ground on the Nationals, who already lost today. Each series is very important at this point in the Phils' season.