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Game 91 - Marlins at Phillies, July 15, 2005

Lidle has an 0.60 ERA in his two July starts (15 IP, 1 ER). Moehler's two starts this month have both been wins, but he hasn't pitched particularly effectively and not deep at all (10 1/3 IP, 6 ER). Probably about an even-up matchup tonight, just like last night. It would be nice to get at least a split locked up tonight because tomorrow and Sunday will have our two worst starters (Lieber and Padilla) going.

David Bell is out for the second night in a row with back spasms.

4-6 Record 8-6
99.0 IP 116.0
3.27 ERA 3.65
49 K 74
27 BB 24
8 HR 7
Marlins Phillies
CF J. Pierre SS J. Rollins
2B L. Castillo CF K. Lofton
1B C. Delgado 2B C. Utley
LF M. Cabrera RF B. Abreu
RF J. Encarnacion LF P. Burrell
C P. LoDuca 1B R. Howard
3B M. Lowell 3B T. Perez
SS A. Gonzalez C M. Lieberthal
P B. Moehler P C. Lidle