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Game 92: Marlins at Phillies, July 16, 2005

In terms of pitching matchup, we have a struggling Phils veteran, Jon Lieber, going up against a Marlins rookie lefty, Scott Olsen. Given the Phils' difficulties with 1) lefties, 2) rookies, and 3) Marlins, I can't say I have a great deal of confidence going in here.

David Bell and his veteran leadership miss their third straight game. Considering that Olsen's a lefty, Bell must be hurting a bit worse than the team has claimed.

1-0 Record 8-8
18.2 IP 111.1
1.89 ERA 5.09
20 K 69
9 BB 26
3 HR 23
Marlins Phillies
CF J. Pierre SS J. Rollins
2B L. Castillo 3B R. Martinez
1B C. Delgado RF B. Abreu
LF M. Cabrera LF P. Burrell
RF J. Encarnacion 2B C. Utley
C P. LoDuca CF J. Michaels
3B M. Lowell 1B R. Howard
SS A. Gonzalez C T. Pratt
P S. Olsen P J. Lieber