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Game 96: Dodgers at Phillies, July 21st, 2005

Jon Lieber (9-8, 5.14 ERA) takes the hill as the Phillies try to overcome last night's hideous 10-2 loss and win their third straight series.  Odaliz Perez (4-5, 5.06) goes for his first win since April.

Bobby Abreu, slumping badly (3 for his last 22; .646 OPS in July) gets a rare day off against the lefty.  Michaels starts in right; Chavez in center.

Los Angeles
O. Robles 3b     
C. Izturis ss    
J. Kent 2b    
O. Saenz 1b    
J. Werth rf         
M. Edwards lf        
M. Rose c    
J. Repko cf    
O. Perez p

J. Rollins ss     
J. Michaels rf
C. Utley 2b    
P. Burrell lf    
D. Bell 3b        
R. Howard 1b         
T. Pratt c        
E. Chavez cf        
J. Lieber p