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Game 100: Phillies at Astros, July 26, 2005

This is it, the big game, the one for all the marbles, that's right, the 101st game of the year. Will you remember where you were when Jon Lieber toed the rubber against Roy Oswalt?

Actually, it's just a game. A nice game to win, especially with Clemens coming tomorrow, but if the astute baseball fan hasn't learned that it's a long season by now, he or she never will.

Lineups (please excuse the poor formatting, not all of us are HTML whizzes)

Lofton CF
Utley 2B
Abreu RF
Burrell LF
Howard 1B
Bell 3B
Pratt C
Lieber P

Tavares CF
Biggio 2B
Berkman LF
Ensberg 3B
Lamb 1B
Palmeiro RF
Everett SS
Ausmus C
Oswalt P

Gosh the Astros lineup is really awful (Biggio's performance last night notwithstanding). I wonder if intentionally walking Berkman AND Ensberg consecutively would be wise.