YOUR 2005 Philadelphia Phillies

While there are quantifiable reasons that will explain it come October, there are also reasons unquantifiable in nature that can right now tell me that this team will not make the playoffs.

It sounds stupid to say, is obviously very reactionary coming on the night of a sweep, and it goes against every fiber of my purposefully conditioned being--that everything that occurs on a baseball field can be rationalized and explained by statistical analysis--but, since the end of last season, there has been such a black cloud of just utter negativity, resultant mainly from disgruntled fans who inhabit 610 airwaves, but you can also hear it in the broadcasters, sense it in the papers, and, in my opinion, you can see it in the players.

This team is not liked.  They are routinely booed by what has become a football crowd at a baseball game.  The manager is regularly attacked because of the way he talks; the general manager is public enemy no. 1; the field is considered a national joke; and both the star player and the best player are considered to many to be expendable.

Problems like these aren't as intrinsically linked to wins and losses as things like terrible road offense or David Bell's mystifyingly huge splits, but I don't think they can or should be discounted out of hand as being subjectively based and therefore not relevant.

Essentially, I'm feeling for the second straight year that our whole is much less than the sum of our parts, which, on paper, is almost unanimously agreed to be better than how it has performed.  It's disappointment, and it's probably an irrational angst towards a core group of guys that we all expected to win but simply hasn't.

God knows I hope I am wronger than wrong and someone can call me out and dredge up this post and say oh my god what a loser for proclaiming the season dead before August, but that's how I feel and have for a while (although I admit that 12-1 homestand was incredibly fun and had me singing a much different tune).

So, put aside the numbers and shove objectivity out the door for a sec and express your own personal opinion about this team.