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Game 104: Phillies at Rockies, July 29, 2005

Any Phan who's really feeling rotten about this year's team might take some comfort in looking across the figurative diamond at this weekend's opponents, the Colorado Rockies. Every problem the Phils have--a freakish home ballpark that distorts offensive production, an entrenched GM who seems out of his depth, a farm system offering little hope of brighter tomorrows, even a first baseman with a mega-contract and injury woes--is one the Rox share.

Looking at today's pitching matchup, it's easy to conclude that Colorado is much worse off, and not just in the standings. Brett Myers takes the mound for the Phils, looking for his ninth win of the season and to stay undefeated against the Rockies (3-0, 3.32). He'll be opposed by Jose Acevedo, starting on three days' rest in the thin air after today's scheduled Rockies pitcher, Shawn Chacon, was traded to the Yankees for two middling pitching prospects. Acevedo lugs a 5.47 career ERA into today's game, and has surrendered 32 hits, including six homers, in his 26.2 innings of work this season.

In baseball, and especially at Coors Field, youneverknow. But considering the pitching matchup and the likely absence of Rockies slugger Todd Helton, this is a game the Phils should win.

8-5 Record 2-0
133.1 IP 26.2
3.24 ERA 4.05
126 K 11
40 BB 3
17 HR 6
Phillies Rockies
SS J. Rollins CF C. Sullivan
CF K. Lofton SS L. Gonzalez
2B C. Utley LF M. Holliday
RF B. Abreu 3B G. Atkins
LF P. Burrell RF E. Byrnes
1B R. Howard 1B R. Shealy
3B D. Bell 2B A. Miles
C T. Pratt C D. Ardoin
P B. Myers P J. Acevedo