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Game Thread, Braves at Phillies - July 3, 2005

 J. Sosa
 R. Tejeda
4-1 Record 1-1
2.76 ERA 2.35
32 K 22
26 BB 22
5 HR 2

 Braves  Phillies
SS R. Furcal SS J. Rollins
LF K. Johnson LF K. Lofton
2B M. Giles RF B. Abreu
CF A. Jones LF P. Burrell
1B A. LaRoche 2B C. Utley
C J. Estrada 1B R. Howard
RF R. Langerhans 3B D. Bell
3B W. Betamit C M. Lieberthal
P J. Sosa P R. Tejeda

This is a case where the ERA really doesn't communicate the quality of these players. Sosa has a terrible 32-26 K-BB ratio in 45 IP. Tejeda's 22-22 K-BB ratio is even worse in 30 IP. This is a winnable game for both teams, but for some reason I have a bad feeling that Tejeda will continue to get exposed following his Mets outing on Tuesday. If I followed the Braves more closely, I might feel the same way about Sosa.