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Phuture Phillies Bingo!! UPDATE: Moyer added

Editor's Note: Post-Moyer Bingo Card Update! Original piece posted July 2005.

July is often a month of great upheaval for Phillies fans. In their annual pursuit of a postseason berth, the Fightins of the past few seasons have pulled out all the stops to acquire all manner of "name" middle relievers, average starters, and fringe position players with "intangibles" in an attempt to get over the hump.

But why should GM Ed Wade have all the fun?  To liven up the usual cycle of hope ("Is Beltran coming?"), disappointment ("Damn, the Astros got him!"), and disgust ("Todd Jones?  Todd Freakin' Jones?!"), we at The Good Phight wanted to find a way for all of us to enjoy -- or at least endure -- the Phillies' big league personnel decisions over the next month and beyond.  Our answer: Bingo!

The rules are simple: when the Phillies acquire any of these players, mark them off. Five in a row, and we win!

Bingo, that is.