Rollins an All-Star?

This morning's Inquirer noted that Jimmy Rollins could find himself an All-Star today, as a fill-in for injured Cesar Izturis.  Rollins stated in response, "Who wouldn't like to go?  Whether you're voted in or not. It really doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you're out there, hanging out with the fellows."

The thought of Rollins hanging out with "the [All-Star] fellows" this year is as absurd as Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan hanging out on the red carpet with Oscar nominees.  They should only be welcome as members of the viewing audience, like everyone else.

Rollins' first half line of .268/.306/.393 is as non-All-Star a performance as one can get.  Unlike last year, he has shown very little improvement over his terrible April.  He currently ranks 7th in OBP, 5th in SLG, and 7th in OPS for qualifying National League shortstops.  What's worse, in his role as leadoff hitter, he has seen only 3.27 pitches per plate appearance, ranking 13th of 14 shortstops (only the incredibly horrific Christian Guzman is less patient than Jimmy).

If any NL shortstop should be added to the team, it's the Brewers' Bill Hall.  His line of .272/.321/.520, while not really All-Star level for positions other than shortstop or catcher, makes a mockery of Rollins' non-productivity this year.