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September callups

Here's the semi-official list:

OF Shane Victorino
C A.J. Hinch
IF Matt Kata
P Geoff Geary
P Pedro Liriano
P Gavin Floyd  

No announcement yet on how they open a space on the 40-man for International League MVP Victorino. And no Carlos Ruiz, Danny Sandoval or Chris Coste (though the Phils can add more as the month goes on). Maybe Kata will take some of David Bell's ABs; maybe the Phils just don't see what seems clear to so many of us every night--that this guy is either hurt, or simply finito.

The Floyd callup intrigues me... well, maybe "baffles" is the better word. He got smacked around again the other day, and his ERA at Scranton for the year is now an unsightly 6.19. Using him out of the bullpen, back in April, was evidently part of what messed him up to start with, so presumably they won't do that again.

Would he start? The Phils currently have a solid rotation foursome of Brett Myers, Jon Lieber, Vicente Padilla and Robinson Tejeda. When Cory Lidle comes off the DL, he's the 5th starter; until then, it's Eude Brito. The only way I see Floyd getting a start is if Lidle is hurt worse than they've let on, and they don't see Brito as able to give 5-6 decent innings. Even then, is Floyd a better bet than a "committee" effort of Lopez, Geary and Liriano until you get to the back four guys? It's puzzling.

As implied above, I would rather have seen Ruiz come up than Hinch. But Hinch has been decent at Scranton this year, and at the least it should allow Manuel to use Todd Pratt as a pinch-hitter. With Pratt freed up to hit, Victorino recalled, and Michael Tucker on hand, there's really no reason that Endy Chavez or Tomas Perez should get another AB in the pinch. But it seems too much to hope that logic, reason and track record will prevail, and the -EZ boys will get the month-long breather they've so surely earned.