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Of Skins and Heart: Phillies at Marlins, September 16-18

Sept. 16: Phillies 13, Marlins 3 WP: Jon Lieber (15-12) LP: Jim Mecir (1-4)
Sept. 17: Phillies 10, Marlins 2 WP: Ugueth Urbina (4-2) LP: Dontrelle Willis (21-9)
Sept. 18: Phillies 6, Marlins 14 WP: Josh Beckett (15-8) LP: Eude Brito (1-1)

(The proprietor apologizes for the brevity of this article. His weekend activities include the wedding of his closest friend--the rehearsal for which starts very soon--and a milestone birthday celebration for his mom. Thus, though his words are missing here, he assures you that his thoughts, as is so often the case, will be with the Fightin' Phils.

Discuss amongst yaselves...)