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Dealing the stars

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Throughout the course of their history, the Phillies have had few star players.  Just the fact that they quite possibly had their best 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, shortstop, right fielder (before he was traded) and maybe even left fielder and catcher play the field this past year is indictment enough.  Of course, if the star player isn't winning (and here in Philly that is understood without comment), he has to be traded.  Fortunately, this isn't just a Phillies phenomenon (see Alex Rodriguez).  Thus, it appears the time as a Phillie is coming to an end for Pat Burrell.  As I noted earlier in the week, Pat can be a huge force this year, I still wouldn't be against a good trade for him.  The problem is that the Phillies are likely NOT to make a good trade.

I'll run down a list of names and you think about what they all have in common:

Vicente Padilla
Gio Gonzalez
Placido Polanco
Aaron Rowand
Matt Smith
Omar Daal
Travis Lee
Daniel Haigwood
Nelson Figueroa
C.J. Henry
Carlos Monastrios
Jesus Sanchez
Mike Timlin
Bud Smith
22 million dollars

I tried to order the list by what I thought the value each player has brought (or will bring) to the team.  It is sad when AL playoff MVP Placido Polanco is the 3rd player on the list.  If you haven't guessed yet, this is the return the Phillies have gotten for Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen, Bobby Abreu and Jim Thome.  

All four player could be considered stars and they have brought back a total of 1 good player in Vicente Padilla, 1 ok player in Placido Polanco, 3 league average players in Aaron Rowand, Omar Daal and Travis Lee (and I am being kind to Daal and Lee) and 1 maybe 2 decent prospects.  That is the return we received for the haul of Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen, Bobby Abreu and Jim Thome.  And before you say that Gillick wasn't here in the past, he traded two of those guys.  Why we feel we HAVE to get rid of our best players is a shock to me.  We play right into the hands of other teams just waiting to swallow these guys right up.  A team with Curt Schilling as their ace and a 3,4,5 of Abreu, Thome and Rolen could win 90 games on their own.  We traded them for crap.

Which makes me wary to trade Burrell.  He may not be on the level of those players I mentioned, but he is darn close.  And we are likely to not just get rid of him for nothing, but will pay money for the luxary of him playing for another team.  How much more bass ackwards can management be?  

Please, Phillies management, listen to me.  You SUCK at this stuff.  You REALLY, REALLY do.  You bring our players down and then you try to get rid of them so desperately that other teams just smile and nod and you fall for them.  You are that pathetic guy in the bar who is just hoping for any girl to just look at him.  Yeah, it would help if you stopped giving out FNTCs like they are water.  Of course, if Burrell's FTNC kep you from moving him, it would be considered a good thing.  I don't want another Curt, Bobby, Jimmy, Scotty trade.  We are better of keeping them.