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There is no other way to state it.  The Philadelphia Phillies OWE me.  They owe me more than I can possible imagine.  They can't pay me back in time or heartache, but they can pay me back in doing what needs to be done.  This organization made countless hedge moves that al turned into a pathetic jumbled mess that resulted in another year without the playoffs.  Am I happy with a winning season?  Sure.  But not nearly happy enough and CERTAINLY not happy with how they went about it this year.  Unfortunately, the men in charge can't be fired.  But they can do a search on the internet and read this blog entry.  And if they do, they better heed my advice, because I will state it again.


Why do you ask?  It is based on the plethora of bass ackwards moves that they have made that turned them into the best runner-up again.  They traded one of their best players and put lesser players in his spot getting nothing in return that will help this team in the short run (unless you count Matt Smith as a major Coup de Grace.  Not only did they trade the only guy who could almost always turn Howard's solo shots into 2 run homers, but they needed to give away our best trading piece to do it.  What did that mean?  It meant we were traders.  Well, til we weren't and picked up more spare parts than a bewildered homless guy in a junk yard.  

Conine, Moyer, Hernandez, Simon.  What did these guys represent?  A weak attempt to make everyone think they are trying to get to the post season.  Trade Abreu cause we needed change and bring in Conine because he is a veteran that knows how to play.  Talk about reading the fans and hedging your bets.  And what happened to the 6 million or so they saved from Abreu's contract?  In their pockets?  Are we going to see it next year?  Not only did we make a terrible trade getting rid of Abreu, but we added nothing of value in return and our entire offense was based on 3 players.

Sadly, as the season winded down, I had to put my wild card hopes on a 3rd baseman that may have had the worst year out of any player in the league, a 34 year old rookie catcher who closed his eyes and swung for most of September and a 40 right fielder who hasn't put up a season even CLOSE to the old right fielder.  Those are 3 positions who really struggled down the stretch (although Coste did put up good numbers for the entire year).

What am I owed?  

Give me a real third baseman.  At this point I don't even care the cost.  ARam appears to be the best available, is right handed and can hit for power.  GIMME GIMME GIMME.

Give me an above average right fielder.  Yeah, we had one, but I WANT another.  Put Victorino OR Rowand in centerfield (I don't care which one as Victorin will likely hit for a higher avg and OBP but Rowand for more power).  Who can this be?  Carlos Lee?  I dunno.  Someone, there HAS to be a better solution to our outfield than Victorino AND Rowand hitting at the same time.

Give me a REAL manager.  Not one that sticks with pathetic hitters because they were promised or one who thinks his strength is really his weakness (late game decisions).  I don't care about leading, I care about making good decisions and while Manuel is a good guy, he can't figure out a 9 square SoKuDo.  

Gimme a 5th starter that won't cost us more than 5 mil a year for 3 years.  If that is Wolf, then fine, bring him back.  But Wolf is likely a 5 inning pitcher who may not ever get back what he once had.  If he wants 9 mil a year from now on, I want him gone.

I am owed this because this team had every opportunity to make the post season and gave away TOO much talent with getting too little in return.  Put the best players on the field and don't hamstring a team by killing it before it had a chance.  Yes, the Phillies played great the second half of the year.  Had they kept their integral parts, they would have played better.  If the Phils filled a much needed hole (like 3rd base), they would have certainly made the playoffs.