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Scott Graham Not Returning as Phils' Broadcaster

Say goodbye to those stupid Graham Slam Ice Cream commercials.

But, unfortunately, that's the only good thing, in my opinion, related to today's news that the Phils aren't going to bring Scott Graham back to the broadcast booth next year.

I've always like Graham. He wasn't the perfect broadcaster, and some of his calls sounded too rehearsed. But, he was much more intelligent than the other buffoons he was often partnered with (Wheeler and Andersen in particular) and his voice was perfect for the radio, where I've increasingly found myself following games.

It's possible that this change in the booth is Graham's fault. He could be making unreasonable demands about exposure and money.

But, given the track record of the organization he works for, it's more than likely that the Phils are to blame here. My money is on the team thinking that Graham isn't low-brow enough for its fans. Do other sports organizations consistently make such awful decisions in every facet of the game based on underestimating the intelligence of their fans?