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So long, Randy

Long-time Phillies starter Randy Wolf appears poised to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Phillies Pravda reports.

It's hard to blame a guy for wanting to go home to Southern California, and while I like Wolf as a person and thought he had a chance to be a valuable contributor over the next couple of seasons, I don't blame him or the Phillies and I wish Randy the best of luck.

Wolf was never the same pitcher after the 135 pitch monstrosity he was allowed to throw on July 23, 2003.  In my opinion, this was the worst single event from the Larry Bowa Years.  For probably a solid calender year, Wolf was the second or third best left-handed starter in the National League.

Shed a tear for the Wolf Pack, the original (and probably only decent) fan group that sprung from Veterans Stadium in the early 2000s.