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The Calm Before the Storm?

Or just the quiet before . . . well, more quiet?

The GM winter meetings start this weekend in Orlando.  Will Pat Gillick do anything to try to improve the Phils?  Or will he sit back and let other teams do the wheeling and dealing?

We know he won't be after starting pitching, after acquiring Adam Eaton earlier this week.  But, will he go after a big bat to fill Bobby Abreu's shoes?  Or will he go for the punchless outfield of Conine, Rowand, and Victorino by trading Pat Burrell?  Or how about the bullpen?  Are more Proven Veteran Middle Relievers (TM) on our way?  (Please NO!)

There's lots to watch.  I just hope my pessimism about Gillick's ability to acquire good talent is proven wrong.