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We are proud to present...

...The Good Phight's All-Time Phillies Tournament.  

We have chosen 68 of the best Phillies players from four different eras to go up against each other, in a head to head, no holds barred, cage match to see who is, in fact, the best Phillies player of all time (well, up until today).  As a loyal reader of The Good Phight (and even if you aren't so loyal), you can fill out your bracket of who you think will win and send it in to us to win one of the many fabulous prizes we have in line for you.

The players we have chosen will be playing head to head using Strategic Baseball Simulator (  All their statistics will be normalized to 1980 (baseball's apex in my opinion) and only one will survive.  We will finally be able to see if a team full of Steve Jeltzs can beat a team full of Richie Ashburns (I have my money on Jeltz, he has the intangibles).

We will be accepting entries until Sunday, January 8th.  That Monday we will be running the first simulations and posting the results.  The scoring is simple.

Choose the correct team and you get a specified number of points:

Play-In and first round:
1 point

Second Round:
2 points

Sweet 16:
4 points

Great 8:
5 points

Final Four:
8 points

10 points

Any ties will result in a flipped coin or whomever I like the best.

To play, just click on "The Good Phight's All-Time Phillies Tournament" link on the left hand side and save the excel spreadsheet locally.  Fill out your choices (double check them) and then send them to  All we need is your email address, but will need more if you are chosen as a winner.

Thank you for participating and check back often to find out how your players are doing.