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Community Projection: Bobby Abreu

This week's Community Projection: 2005 All-Star starter Bobby Abreu.

No single Phillie has been more discussed this offseason, with about a zillion barely credible trade rumors surfacing, and the flames being fanned by talk radio and a local media out to stir up a ruckus and sell ad time.

Abreu is arguably the most consistent offensive player in the league (outside of demi-god Albert Pujols), and I don't really see why that will change significantly.  Even in a "bad" year, he was still good for a .405 OBP and an .879 OPS.  

Improvement over last year; We're going to see a long, slow decline over the next few years, but not too bad, as players with Abreu's skill set tend to age quite well.  Abreu is a fringe Hall of Fame candidate, who may benefit from an institutionalization of the OBP Movement among the baseball writers.  The .400-ish OBP with which he'll likely retire might be too hard for the New School to ignore.

AVG: .295
OBP: .412
SLG: .505
HR: 27
R: 110
RBI: 109
SB: 33

Anyway, post your projections below.