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Community Projection: Brett Myers

And now to the #2 spot in the rotation, Brett Myers.

Although for nearly all intents and purposes, he was their best pitcher last year, and he will be again this year.

GS - 35
IP - 219.2
W-L - 17-11
ERA - 3.66
WHIP - 1.18
BB - 65
K - 202
HR - 28

In 2005, Myers improved in every meaningful category, and at 25, there's no reason he can't continue to improve this year.

Myers was lights out in April and May last year, but merely okay to terrible for most of the rest of the season.  His K/IP rate remained very good all season.  He's bound to have some bad stretches, but overall he'll be a very good pitcher.  I would not be shocked if Myers were an All-Star.