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Community Projection: Cory Lidle

Alright, let's try to wrap this up before Opening Day.

What is Cory Lidle? An average pitcher. What will he be this year? Probably an average to below average pitcher.

GS - 33
IP - 192
W-L - 11-12
ERA - 4.42
WHIP - 1.37
BB - 48
K - 117
HR - 21

Nothing exciting here. Lidle got slammed last year with a .327 BABIP rate, which will probably normalize a little bit. He's pretty good at inducing grounders, which is fortunate because he doesn't get many strikeouts. Doesn't allow too many homers or walks, either, which is also good. Had a 5.79 ERA at home last season; moving the left field wall back might help him some, but he didn't give up many homers to begin with so it may even hurt him to make Burrell slog even further after base hits.

It's been repeated all winter ad nauseum, but Lidle is a great #5 guy for a team in a park like CBP -- grounders, medium-low walk rate -- but the fact that he's been forced into a de facto #3 role is a troubling sign for the Phils' rotation and prospects for the 2006 season.