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Gillick's Guys: One Month In

We're now one month into the season.  There's five months of baseball to go.  Small sample size warnings are in full effect.

But, we can still look to see how the guys Pat Gillick has brought onto the team have fared so far in this disappointing start to the season.  We did it two weeks ago, we'll do it two weeks from now (and each two week period after that), and we're doing it here.

First, the pitchers:

Tom Gordon 10.2 0.84 0.84 17/5
Arthur Rhodes 7.2 5.87 2.22 10/8
Ryan Franklin 13.2 3.95 1.10 5/5
Julio Santana 7 7.71 1.57 3/5

Now, the hitters:

Aaron Rowand 96 0.313 0.365 0.448
Abraham Nunez 35 0.257 0.278 0.286
Sal Fasano 32 0.188 0.257 0.375
David Dellucci 20 0.150 0.227 0.200
Alex Gonzalez 22 0.045 0.125 0.045

Again, as noted two weeks ago, we're seeing problems on the periphery with this team.  Rowand and Gordon continue to be excellent contributors.  Rhodes has gone south, while Franklin's contribution has been better of late.  But, the fill-ins, who often appear in crucial situations, are doing terribly, especially the hitters.

Alex Gonzalez left us all longing for Endy Chavez on Saturday night and still only has one hit this season; Sal Fasano brings tears to Carlos Ruiz's eyes every time he buys pizza for his fans, because that's really the only reason Fasano has a job with the big league team; Abraham Nunez ensures David Bell has a starting job on the team; and David Dellucci shows that his 400 at-bats/year talent does not translate to 150 at-bats/year.

Thanks Pat.  Let's hope the next five months are better for your crew.