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Daily Links

I'm going to try this for a week and see where it leads. The idea is to save the readers valuable minutes in their surfing time at work by doing some of the searches for you. We'll skip the game stories for now, because our research shows that if you're at this site, you probably know who won the Phillies game that ended more than 18 hours ago. If you like it let me know.

Here's one of the many notes columns from the Phillies beat writers. I'm just giving you the Inquirer's because it is handy, but trust me, it's all the same whether Todd Zolecki, Randy Miller, or Marcus Hayes wrote it: Geary happy, Abreu back Tuesday, Lieby back later than expected, etc.
Notes columns are great space fillers

No smart ass comments here, I'm genuinely impressed that Philadelphia has a columnist writing about the Phillies that could write something like this. Abreu no Rowand, and that's OK

The Sunday sports section of a New York paper is always good for a laugh because the writers assume every team is just dying to trade its star player for the Yanks AA 28 year-old left fielder currently hitting .227 with 1 homer. There is some interesting information about the Phillies and the availability of some of their outfielders and the interest in other outfielders.
Phils interested in Jeff Conine for 17th season in a row.

The boys at Baseball Prospectus have a gig writing for the New York Sun which usually has some good info. This article talks about how we shouldn't count out the Braves just yet and brings up the troubling idea that the Phils have vastly outperformed their true performance thus far (a la the Nationals last year).
Why won't you just die already?!!