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Daily Links - May 16th, 2006

Usually, there isn't as much content from which to pick when there's no game the night before. But wait, double the links when I google "Phillies"? Oh, I see, every AP article concerning Bonds has to mention which team gave up his last homer. Not to worry, phans, I waded through all the muck in the form of article titles like "Bonds goes homerless, but Giants win," to "Bonds lines RBI double, Giants still lead in 7th inning" to "Bonds picks nose, claims he was just scratching" to find these articles for you.

Baseball America puts out a prospect hot sheet every Monday. The last two weeks it was headed by Cole Hamels, who obviously wasn't eligible. Emblematic of the whole state of the Phils farm system, two prospects made two of BA's lists.
Phils minor league pitchers rule, minor league hitters suck

The New York Mets and their fans are aware of the Phillies recent hot play. The Newark Star Ledger analyzes whether the Phillies are for real or will fade in the rear view mirror on the way to a World Series Championship for the Amazins. I think you hear me knocking, and I think I'm coming in, and I'm bringing Rowand and his big bad nose with me.

Aaron Rowand had a press conference to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Philadelphia... and he'll run as a Republican. Why? Because he can.
This probably won't end up as badly as the T.O. love affair.

Naturally all the columnists are writing about this press conference, I chose Bob Ford's piece which told me something I did not know(A-Row has never been on the Disabled List before) while still managing to make me cringe. I fall in the middle on the "Should he or shouldn't he have" debate. Defense and all out play is part of his game, it makes him go and if you tried to tweak that style, you might end up with just as disastrous of results as if you forced Abreu to swing at the first pitch every at bat.  On the other hand, I have to put up with lots of articles that tell me how Aaron Rowand is God. Well, maybe not, THE God, but certainly A God.  And what's this nonsense about how the Phils have been full of cliques the last few years. I thought the convenient excuse was that this club was TOO close and too fat and happy?
Absolutely none of the Phils success can be attributed to anyone who was on the Phils team more than two years ago.