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Daily Links - May 17th, 2006

Last night's loss was like a slap to the face, which, unlike Ryan Franklin's throw, hits its intended recipient. More bad news, , just looking at last nights events, the Phils are on pace to lose 124 games in a row with the Mets and Braves winners of 124 in a row. Good thing we have the links to get us through the long summer.

Ken Rosenthal is a pretty good guy and as a fellow Penn grad, I'm always willing to send readership his way. Here he talks about the Abreu situation and how many teams will be approaching the Phils this summer to ask about his availability given the Phils shopped Abreu last winter. I thought No-Trade Clauses LIMITED the rumors

An out-of-towner has jumped on the Phils bandwagon and thinks they could be title contenders. If the thought of a non-Philadelphian thinking positively about a Phillies team is too disorienting of a concept, not to worry, he still works in a few shots at Phillies fans. People from Seattle know what time it is.

The Camden Courier Post says the Phils failed Aaron Rowand, and I'm inclined to agree with them. Not so much for taking a month and a half to fulfill his request for more padding, but for having that situation in the first place when building the park. What the heck was the upside to not putting padding on a fence. How could it never occur to the builders that at some point someone was going to run into the fence? Then once the initial oversight was made, why didn't Kenny Lofton's complaints call attention to the issue? The Phillies failed to anticipate something? The Phillies?

This story isn't really about the Phillies, it's about Barbaro... or more specifically, his owner, who once worked for the Phillies in a management training program. Some guys have all the luck. As far as I'm concerned, horse racing ended when Smarty went to stud.

Finally, as any normal Phan would, whenever I hear the name "Kevin Jordan," part of me wants to cringe as I flashback to the late 90s. However, no jokes today, the cause is too good. Good causes take precedence over bad jokes.