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Who would you bring up?

Let's say Alex Gonzalez does get released? Who do you bring up?

Sandoval - .644 OPS.
Coste - .434 OPS (And seriously Chris, get over yourself, this amount of pouting is ridiculous.)
Thurston - .827 OPS

Now Thurston admittedly is having a nice year, but I honestly don't believe his track record suggests he'd be any better than A-Gon.

So what other options are there? 13 pitchers? Ugh, no thanks.
Ruiz stays when Lieby gets back? Eh, that's not terrible, but I'd be curious to see how that one is managed. Who gets the ph at bats, how many starts do Ruiz/Fasano divvy up? Does Ruiz stagnate?
Roberson stays when Rowand gets back? I don't know about that either. Roberson wasn't exactly knocking the cover off the ball in AAA. However, if he played the role of pinch runner/double switch that Victorino had and that enabled Victorino to just be a pure pinch hitter, that could end up being the best possibility. But it should be pointed out that there are no obvious moves to be made if Gonzalez goes.