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Daily Links May 23, 2006

The Phillies are coming off an off day and travel to Shea to take on the New York Mets tonight.  This brings out many stories from the infamous New York press.

There's this fluff piece in the Times on Cole Hamels. Teammates call him Hollywood.

The Post emphasizes the importance of the Turnpike Series.   A sweep of the Phillies by the Mets would give them a six-game edge, but a Philly sweep would knot the teams atop the division.

Here's an article saying to ignore the streaks because the ups and dows will even out over the course of the season.  Also, it says about Bobby Abreu: Last year after Jim Thome went south due to injury and before the Phillies figured out that maybe Ryan Howard could help, Abreu put the Phillies on his shoulders. He hit home runs in 10 of 11 games. He led. Nobody followed.

Finally, the brother of one of my law school friends and classmates is the Phillies beat writer for the Wilmington News Journal.  Here's what Scott Lauber has to say about Shane Victorino filling in for Aaron Rowand.   Manuel won't hesitate to start Victorino more often.

One last thing. You don't want to be in a Venezuelan jail awaiting your murder trial like former Phillie Ugueth Urbina.   As Urbina's appeals for release have failed - prosecutors argue he would flee the jurisdiction - his professional prospects wane.