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Lieberthal back to DL; Sanches recalled

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Get ready for even more Sal Fasano.

Mike Lieberthal's injury-plagued 2006 season continued Saturday, as the catcher was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left hip.

The roster move is retroactive to June 6, when Lieberthal was injured while rounding first base late in a game against Arizona. The catcher has also missed time his season with a bruised left knee.
Chris Coste took Lieberthal's place in the lineup against Washington on Saturday, and the club will use both Coste and Sal Fasano behind the plate until Lieberthal returns.

The Sanches recall doesn't really surprise me; Phils starters have pitched less than 8 of the 20 innings the team has played the last two nights, and Manuel liked how Sanches performed in his previous stint. What does kind of bug me is that Roberson is on the roster rather than Carlos Ruiz. Though neither hit in their first stint with the big club, Ruiz has performed exceptionally well at AAA (.328/.401/.527), is a strong defender, and plays a position of much greater need. The Phils' options at catcher are now limited to two journeymen in their mid-30s.