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Brett Myers arrested and charged with domestic assault


Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was arrested early Friday morning in Boston for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Former Phillie Marlon Byrd was also charged with domestic assault a few years back. Those charges were eventually dropped. However, Byrd was ordered to undergo anger management counseling, among other things. As pure speculation, given that Myers wife posted the bail, these charges may not be pursued if Myers agrees to undergo counseling and perform community service. Legally speaking, the 2 witnesses make for a compelling case should the Boston DA choose to pursue it. Personally, I believe there is absolutely no excuse for domestic violence. Myers has always been described as a tempermental, fiery competitor on the mound and is a former amateur boxer. Unfortunately, this appears to have carried over to off the field activities.

A spokesman for the Suffolk District Attorney's office says the 25-year-old right-hander was arrested by Boston Police after an incident at the corner of Boylston and Dalton Streets.

The Phillies are in Boston for a weekend series against the Red Sox, and Myers and his wife were walking toward their hotel at the time.

A DA spokesman said there is evidence that Myers struck his wife on the left side of her face.

Myers was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court Friday on a domestic assault and battery charge. He is free on $200 bail that was posted by his wife.

A judge ordered Myers to have no contact with his wife unless she initiates it.

Myers is 5-3 this season with a 3.77 earned run average. He's scheduled to pitch for the Phillies on Saturday at Fenway Park.<</div>